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How to Organize a Small Bathroom on a Budget

How to Organize a Small Bathroom on a Budget - helpful tips to get you started with getting your Small bathroom organized.

Do you have a small bathroom that you’re trying to get organized? Of course, completing this small bathroom organizational project on a budget would be really nice. The bonus to this project is that the best way to make a small bathroom feel bigger is to keep it organized. You can do exactly this when you give these tips for organizing your bathroom a try. Organizing your bathroom doesn’t need to be time consuming or costly, you just need to get a little creative. Take a look below at some helpful tips to get you started with getting your Small bathroom organized.

8 Ways to Organize a Small Bathroom on a Budget

Utilize Your Local Dollar Tree
You can find so many awesome organizational tools at your local Dollar Tree. And guess how cheap you can get the items? For $1! One of the best parts of the Dollar Tree is that you can count on everything being one dollar. You can pick out several totes and even get décor if your heart desires.

Utilize Hanging Storage
One inexpensive way to organize a small bathroom is by utilizing hanging storage. Wall space is always the easiest thing to use up whenever you need space for organization. Plus, you don’t need to rearrange anything, you simply hang and organize.  Find easy to use Command hooks and use them to keep towels and clothing high and dry. You can also stick these hooks inside of cabinets to hang curling irons, hair accessories, and other items on. They keep things in their place, and are so easy to install. Just peel and stick.

Go Multi-Purpose
Another great tip for organizing a small bathroom on a budget is to go multi-purpose. Start by finding décor that can also serve as an organizational piece as well. Again, you can find organizational items super cheap, it’s just a matter of what you prefer.

Go With an Over-the-Door Pocket Organizer
Use a shoe organizer behind the bathroom door to keep toiletries organized. You can even roll and store wash cloths and small towels this way. Shoe organizers are light weight, easy to hang, and don’t cost much either, so they are a perfect for more than just shoes. You can place beauty supplies, hair accessories, towels, and so much more in a pocket organizer. These are super discrete for guests and they’ll only find it when they shut the door.

Get Rid of the Junk
Organizing a small bathroom is a lot easier whenever you have little to no junk in the bathroom. You will make life a lot easier on yourself by getting rid of the extra stuff you do not need. Plus, you’ll save money because you will not need to buy organizational items for the stuff you’re not using.

Clear your counters.
As long as your counters are clear, the space will always look more organized. Take 5 minutes each day to clear counters and put everything in its place. This will help the space stay organized and keep you on top of it. This five minutes is easy to find, just do it while you wait for your bath to pour or shower to heat up.

Behold the power of baskets.
Baskets are not only decorative, but they are great for storage. Use them under sinks and behind toilets to create more space and store small toiletries.

Try shower caddies.
Most bathroom showers tend to be loaded with clutter. Instead of trying to keep all of your shampoo and soap stored in the shower, keep it in a plastic shower caddy tucked under the sink. This way, your shower stays clear and clean but you always have the supplies you need on hand. Your local dollar store should have a nice selection.

When it comes to organizing a small bathroom on a budget, it’s all about being smart and using your resources wisely.

What tips do you have for organizing a small bathroom on a budget?

kathy downey

Tuesday 10th of May 2016

Those are all great tips,oh how i hate clutter !

Susan T.

Sunday 8th of May 2016

My bathroom is fairly large but I definitely have a clutter problem. I can never keep the counter clear!

Cheryl Grandy

Saturday 7th of May 2016

Great ideas. I've utilized some of them already, but really have to work on clearing out the clutter.