Kids Table and Chairs Makeover

Last Updated on April 16, 2016

Kids Table and Chairs Makeover - LÄTT Children's table and 2 chairs get an awesome diy custom makeover!

When we moved back in May to our new house I bought a kids table and chairs from Ikea for Keira, and eventually Ava, to use.  It was the LÄTT Children’s table and 2 chairs, made from solid pine and a great deal at under $30 CDN.  While the bare wood is nice enough on its own, I wanted to brighten up their space by painting the table and this table is super easy to paint for several reasons. 


Kids Table and Chairs Makeover

 The first reason is that like most Ikea furniture, you have to assemble it yourself and this makes the painting process a breeze compared to trying to paint an assembled piece of furniture. Second, it is unstained and unpainted pine and the Behr Marquee paint I used went on perfectly.

To get started you will want to lay out all the pieces to get an idea of how it will go together.

Kids Table and Chairs Makeover

I chose to paint the chairs with Behr Marquee Pistachio, the seats and table top with Behr Marquee Adonis, and the table with Behr Marquee Electric Blue. Don’t these colours look fabulous together? I love how vibrant they are!

Kids Table and Chairs Makeover

Before getting started with painting I used painters tape to mask off the areas of the chair seats that I wanted to keep white for a striped effect.  To get even spacing I taped the entire thing and then removed every other stripe.

Kids Table and Chairs Makeover

I painted every single surface twice allowing a couple hours between coats.  Then I waited for 2 weeks for the paint to completely cure before I assembled the furniture.  This is important or you could disturb the paint during the assembly process.

Despite waiting that time the paint didn’t fully adhere to the fiberboard of the table and seats which I wasn’t surprised about so I touched it up where the paint had peeled.

I then painted the entire thing with two coats of clear-coat just to really seal the paint on, especially with the seats and table top.


Kids Table and Chairs Makeover

Here it is painted and assembled.  Doesn’t it look great? The project didn’t stop here though…

Kids Table and Chairs Makeover

I then applied some fun wall stickers to the table top to appeal just a little bit more to Keira who loves Winnie the Pooh.  I went out and bought a piece of acrylic sheet measured to cover the table top and to protect both the table itself as well as the decals.

Kids Table and Chairs Makeover

The great thing about the wall stickers is that they are easily removed without damaging the Behr paint so we are able to change it up as often as we like. 

Due to the way the LÄTT table was designed the table surface isn’t perfectly rectangle as the corners are cut into slightly by the legs.  I ended up having the acrylic sheet measured to fit inside of the corners so it would be easy for an adult to remove but still sit sturdy on the table top and not affect its use.

Kids Table and Chairs Makeover

I really love how the chairs turned out.  The combination of colours and stripes are so sweet!

 Kids Table and Chairs Makeover

 I love how the set just pops thanks to the beautiful Behr paint colours.


Kids Table and Chairs Makeover

Keira loves her new table too.  She is constantly sitting at it, colouring, reading or even just looking out the front window.  Perfect.


Kids Table and Chairs Makeover

 What do  you think of this colour combo?



Kids Table and Chairs Makeover - LÄTT Children's table and 2 chairs get an awesome diy custom makeover with BEHR paint.


24 thoughts on “Kids Table and Chairs Makeover

  1. Oh wow!!! You did an amazing job! I especially love the stripes on the seats… There is no way you could buy a set like that for the price you paid for a little DIY project 🙂 Way to go!

  2. Love the color combo you used here! I’m not a fan of pink(s), purple maybe if it’s dark enough….I tend to use more blue, green, and yellow with my girl.

  3. You did an awesome job and I love the fact that you used reuseable stickers for the top so you can change it up all the time!!!

  4. I loved how you painted them to make it different and not just the typical IKEA set!! We have a lack side table and I’m thinking of painting it so it’ll fit with our decor!

  5. That set is adorable! I saw the original set at Ikea and considered it since it looked functional, but never thought of jazzing it up.

    Thanks for the step-by-step instructions. I would have tried to use ruler and pencil to figure out even spacing instead of taping and removing every other stripe (brilliant!).

    The wall decals are adorable and a nice touch. I’ll need to use that.

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