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How to Keep Your Food Stockpile Fresh

How to Keep Your Food Stockpile Fresh - produce, canned goods and more. Stop wasting food and save even more!


Stockpiling food is a great way to ensure you have the ingredients you need on hand all of the time and can save you money by helping you avoid paying full price for staples when they are not on sale. 

I like to stockpile items like sugar, flour, rice, pasta, pasta sauce, canned vegetables, soups, body and hair care products, toilet paper etc…  Fresh produce is great to stockpile in the summer and early autumn when you can buy large quantities for just a couple dollars.  Of course part of my stock pile are home made canned goods from some of that produce like peach jam, relish, pickles and more.

Unfortunately, it can be hard to keep the food in your stockpile fresh. Because you have so many things stored in your refrigerator, freezer, and pantry, you have to make a conscious effort to monitor your foods. How can you do that? Simply use these tips for keeping your food stockpile fresh and stop wasting good food!


Store It Correctly

Storing food correctly is the best way to ensure your food stockpile is fresh. Some foods have a longer shelf life if they’re stored in the refrigerator while other foods should be stored in a dry pantry. If you’re unsure about the best way to store your food stockpile, then go online and do a quick search. You’ll find great ways to extend the life of your food, keeping your stock pile fresh.

Use Older Food First

Although you don’t want to use something that is bad or expired, you do want to use older items first. Check the expiration dates on your food and use the items that expire sooner. This will prevent you from allowing food to go bad, which will in turn keep your remaining food fresh.  This is something you might hear being referred to as “rotating your stock pile.”  Just do it.

Throw Out the Bad

If you have some vegetables that have gone bad, throw them out right away. Keeping bad food in with your fresh food can cause your fresh food to deteriorate faster. This is not good if you want to keep your stockpile fresh. On a regular basis, go through your fridge and pantry and pull out anything that could taint your food supply.

If you have bought a large quantity of fresh produce you should considering preserving it by canning or freezing to avoid spoilage and waste.

Check Expiration Dates

When shopping at the grocery store, always check the expiration dates before purchasing an item. When grocery stores restock their supplies, they usually put the older items at the front so that they’re purchased before the expiration date. Newly stocked items are placed in the back since their expiration date is further out. To help ensure that your food stockpile is fresh, always find items that have a longer expiration date.

How to Keep Your Food Stockpile Fresh - produce, canned goods and more. Stop wasting food and save even more!


Do you stockpile? What are your best tips for keeping your food stockpile fresh?


Elva Roberts

Tuesday 16th of August 2016

Your tips are timely and sensible. The one I have to be more careful about is checking my frig and pantry so that I do not have to throw out food that is past its prime. Thank you for your tips. They are a reminder of how being frugal saves money.

kathy downey

Sunday 18th of October 2015

We always spend the weekend before Halloween to take stock of item we have and what we will be needing for the long winter ahead

Laurie P

Saturday 17th of October 2015

We were just talking about food storage, the best places for it......moving things around this weekend to make room for other things!