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How to Get the Most Cash for Your Trash

How to Get the Most Cash for Your Trash

When it comes to tidying up and getting organized, it is suggested that you get rid of items that you no longer use or need. If you are seeking a way to turn your used items from clothing, to appliances and sports equipment, into cash on hand, there are several options out there.

If you are looking to get top dollar for your used items, you just must know where to go. From online shops to local stores and dealers, there are several different avenues you can take, you just must know where to look.

How to Get the Most Cash for Your Trash

Clothing Items

When going through your closet, pick out the items that are in the best condition and take them to a local consignment store, sell them at a consignment sale or hop on eBay and create a listing. The remaining items should be grouped into different lots and posted in your local classifieds, on Kijiji or Craig’s list. Anything leftover can be sold at a garage sale. Keep in mind, if you have any vintage clothing items, they can be sold on etsy, to get the most out of your used clothing.


When selling your used books, you have several options to choose from. Selling your books to used bookstores is a great option if you don’t want to sell them online. Many of the used bookstores take books and pay a reasonable price for them, just make sure that you give the owner a chance to take an in-depth look at your collection. The downside of taking them to a used bookstore is that there may be items in your book collection that they don’t want to buy, causing you to have to lug them home or on to another used bookstore. If you want to sell your books from the comfort of your own home, you can check out to find out the online book buyers that are paying the most for used books.


All your working appliances can be listed in local classifieds, on Facebook marketplace, kijiji or craigslist to get the most out of reselling. When you come across any broken appliances, they can usually be sold to a local recycling center for scrap.

DVDs, CDs and Video Games

You can make a lot of money of your used DVDs, CDs and Video Games. You can either sell these on Facebook marketplace, craigslist, kijiji or eBay. All of these options offer a great money making opportunity. If you choose to sell them to a game store, you can visit your local EB Games or Gamestop and trade them in for cash or credit towards your next purchase. Often times, you get more bang for your buck if you take the credit as they give you more than they would with cash.

Sports Equipment

Sports equipment is a great item to sell to make some money. As long as your sports equipment is in good condition and lightly used, shops like Play It Again Sports will give you quite a bit of money back for it. You can also sell your items through kijiji, craigslist, your local classifieds or at a nearby pawnshop.

When selling your used items there are several ways to ensure you are getting the best deal and the most money. Just make sure to pay attention to where you are listing them and be reasonable in your asking price.

Dandi D

Monday 9th of November 2020

I really need to clean out some things around the house and these are some great tips!