23 Frugal Father’s Day Gift Ideas That Will Totally Make His Day!

Last Updated on February 19, 2016

 23 Frugal Father’s Day Gift Ideas That Will Totally Make His Day!

Have you decided what you will give your dad for Father’s Day this year? Why not make this year extra special? Check out these 20 gift ideas for Father’s Day that will not break the bank. This Father’s Day is all about the memories and not about the money spent. Of course, these gift ideas are fun, frugal, and will make dad feel extra special.

23 Frugal Father’s Day Gift Ideas

  1. Set up a man cave for dad using items you already have.
  2. Paint a wall with chalk board paint and leave positive messages for dad.
  3. Design a Father’s Day t-shirt just for dad.
  4. Design a coffee mug for dad or order a picture mug.
  5. Frame his favourite pictures.
  6. Purchase dad’s favourite BBQ sauce.
  7. Create a cheese and sausage tray for dad.
  8. Make dad’s favourite cookies or bake his favourite pie.
  9. Spend the day cleaning the basement or garage.
  10. Put together a CD of songs he loves.
  11. Take dad to the park for a cookout.
  12. Put a basket of dad’s favourite candies together.
  13. Let dad watch his favourite sports teams without interruption.
  14. Create a portrait of dad, frame it, and gift it.
  15. Create a homemade book featuring dad and everything you love about him.
  16. Fill a container with little notes telling dad what you love about him.
  17. Set up a photo booth at home and take goofy photos with dad, then create a scrapbook out of the masterpieces you’ve created.
  18. Set up an ice cream bar for dad featuring homemade ice cream.
  19. Make dad his favourite breakfast, serving his favourite meat (bacon)?
  20. Serve dad his favourite lunch or dinner right at home!
  21. Do yard work for Dad while he goes out to enjoy himself.
  22. Wash and detail dad’s car – wash the exterior, clean the carpets, windows, etc…
  23.  Make personalized stepping stones with material found at the dollar store or craft store for cheap!

Letting your dad know how much he means to you is a special honour. Find out what he loves and go from there. He’s bound to appreciate the time and effort you spend in making this day extra special. Don’t forget to record his reaction when you gift him with one of these frugal gift ideas.


What frugal Father’s Day gift idea do you have in mind?



8 thoughts on “23 Frugal Father’s Day Gift Ideas That Will Totally Make His Day!

  1. These are all great gift ideas. My favorites are the wall chalk board and the personalized stepping stones.

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