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Celebrate the Spring Harvest with Glad

Celebrate the Spring Harvest with Glad

I love spring and it seems this year we’ve skipped right from winter into hot summery weather for the most part.  There is nothing I love more than opening my windows and enjoying the breeze come in from outdoors, refreshing the house as it passes through.  Well, nothing more than the fresh local berries that will soon be appearing on grocery shelves.

We’ve really been craving berries lately and have been eating an astonishing amount of fresh fruit.  Unfortunately, although we tend to get to them pretty quickly, they do seem to get icky pretty quickly if  you don’t get to them and store them properly.  There is nothing worse than bringing home a pint of fresh berries only to have them go bad within a few days. 

You can easily keep your spring berries from going off in three different ways:

1) Freeze

Wash and dry your berries then lay them on wax or parchment paper on a sheet pan in a single layer.   Freeze for several hours before transferring to a GLAD Freezer Zipper bag and storing in the freezer.

2) Preserve

Make a quick and delicious freezer jam and store safely in GLAD Freezer Zipper Bags or GLAD FreezerWare Containers.

3) Store

Wash and dry berries, trim any greens and slice as necessary then simply store them in an air-tight GLAD Food Storage container for family-friendly snacking or use GLAD Snack or Sandwich Zipper bags for portioned snacks for the kids.

Wash and dry berries, trim any greens and slice as necessary then simply store them in an air-tight GLAD Food Storage container for family-friendly snacking or use GLAD Snack or Sandwich Zipper bags for portioned snacks for the kids.

We regularly use GLAD products around our home from preparing lunches to storing left-overs because quite frankly the quality is unbeatable.  We’ve tried off-brands before and all you end up with is plastic wrap that doesn’t cling, zipper bags that don’t seal properly and freezer burn all over anything in the freezer bags.  Suffice to say, we are very brand loyal to GLAD because we know we won’t end up wasting our food as it will be stored properly.

If you aren’t aware of all the amazing GLAD Food Protection Products available, read on!

The GLAD Food Protection Encyclopedia

     Glad Press'n Seal
GLAD Press’n Seal® Wrap
Unlike traditional cling film and plastic wrap, Press ‘n Seal wrap actually seals to multiple surfaces including glass, wood and plastic. In an instant, you can create custom shaped bags to store and freeze food in individual portions, and it goes from the freezer to the microwave with no problems at all.

Glad Cling Wrap

GLAD Cling Wrap
Keep food fresher, longer with tight-hugging GLAD Cling Wrap! This plastic wrap is easy to handle and microwave-safe, so you can defrost or reheat food as you please. Expect the tightest possible seal for the freshest food ever.

Glad Sandwich Bags

GLAD Sandwich Zipper bags
GLAD Sandwich Zipper bags make food on-the-go a breeze! The wide, double-lock zipper seal closes securely for complete protection, yet the bag is still easy to open and close. Plus, food isn’t the only thing GLAD bags are good at protecting. Use them to organize household items and pack small items for travel.

Glad Storage Bags

GLAD Storage Zipper bags Medium
These resealable bags are the perfect, no-hassle solution to leftovers. GLAD Food Storage Zipper Bags feature an extrawide seal that locks tight every time, so you can keep items fresh in your fridge or kitchen cabinet.

Glad Freezer Bags

GLAD Freezer Zipper bags Large
Don’t trust your food to just any freezer bag. GLAD Zipper Freezer Bags are built with thick plastic and a tight seal for optimal freezer burn protection. Plus, the zipper is yellow on one side and blue on the other to help eliminate guesswork. When the zipper appears green, the bag is officially closed and ready to face the freezer.GLAD Ware Entree

GLAD FreezerWare Containers
Freeze. Heat. Serve. GLAD FreezerWare containers are BPA-free, resist cracking and lock in freshness for weeks to months at a time. Interlocking lids help seal in freshness and prevent messy leaks.

Glad To Go

GLAD Lunch To Go Containers
The all-in-one GLAD To Go Lunch Container makes it simple to pack combos that you want to keep separated, like salad with dressing or veggies and dip. Each container features a large reusable plastic container, along with a dressing cup that snaps into the lid – perfect for holding condiments or toppings. It’s easier than ever to portion out meals at home, and prep on your desk at lunchtime.


For more food storage ideas and information, check out the GLAD Website and connect with GLAD on Facebook!


Disclosure: This post has been brought to you by GLAD.  All thoughts and opinions are honest and my own.



Victoria Ess

Wednesday 9th of December 2015

Glad has solutions for everything!

Stephanie LaPlante

Friday 5th of June 2015

We're definitely a GLAD family. Especially for freezing our raspberries.

Bernadette Callahan

Saturday 30th of May 2015

I use GLAD just about everyday. I love their products!


Friday 29th of May 2015

I love Press and Seal! I use it to line the shelves in my fridge for easy spill clean up. Hey, I have boys... they spill stuff. lol!

Tonya C

Friday 29th of May 2015

Plastic storage bags and containers are a must-have staple in my kitchen for sure!