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Sew Silly Designs Review

Sarah from Journeys of the Zoo recently sent me a Cloth Diaper that had been custom made for her by Sew Silly Designs… except Sarah doesn’t cloth diaper so she wanted to pass it on where it could be used.  Sew Silly Designs is an Etsy Shop ran by a WAHM named Kammie who makes.  Sarah had the Diaper for awhile and I’ve had it for about a month so by now Kammie has made a lot of changes to the design of the diaper.

Just to speak quickly on the diaper we have, I found it was made really well.  The stitching was nice and tight, and I found the elastic around the legs and on the back were nice and tight keeping the diaper snug against her skin.  I also liked that the fabric on the cover was so different from everything else out there.  The inside of the cover as well as the one side of the insert is as soft as velvet.

So what has changed?  According to Kammie: “I’ve discovered that serged diapers do NOT leak… turned and topstitched diapers always leak around the legs. My serged diapers are proven. I have learned alot over time and strive to make better and better quality through the help of my customers and reviewers constructional criticism

Kammie makes one of a kind, One Size, All in Two Cloth Diapers as well as fitted cloth diapersthat are all hand sewn and made to order by Kammie herself.  She carries a great selection of unique fabric prints for the outer layer of her diapers that you just have to check out.

Her AI2 diapers have a woven cotton outer layer, hidden PUL layer and an inside layer of high quality cotton velour.  Her inserts are made with two layers of matching cotton velour as well as 6 layers of absorbent, all natural fibre, pre-washed bamboo fleece.  The diapers have 3 rise snap settings and should fit 10 lbs through to potty training. 

Her Newborn AI2 Cloth Diaper are fairly similar except the insert has 4 layers of absorbent, all natural fibre, pre-washed hemp fleece. The newborn cloth diaper has a snap down for umbilical cord care and fits up to around 12-15lb.

You can also contact Kammie for custom made orders.

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Little Miss Kate

Saturday 17th of November 2012

A little Fluff on friday, a perfect way to end the week. Love custom cloth diapers, and this one is too cute!

Brandi Yee

Saturday 17th of November 2012

Oh how cute!! Love those designs!! So stylish too :)

Kelly @ City Mom

Friday 16th of November 2012

You have the cutest cloth diapers for your little girl!


Friday 16th of November 2012

Love the patch-work print. Super cute. I love cloth-diapering, your baby's bum is always unique!

Journeys of The Zoo

Friday 16th of November 2012

So glad that you're getting use out of it. Love the design and the model :)

Besos, SarahZookeeper at Journeys of The Zoo