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Best Places to Spot Wild Animals in Alaska

Best Places to Spot Wild Animals in Alaska.  You can't travel to Alaska without taking these in!

One of the best parts of traveling through Alaska is seeing all the wild animals everywhere. If you are an animal lover, then Alaska is the place to be. From Bald Eagles to Orca Whales, this state has them. Here are the best places to spot wild animals in Alaska.

Beluga Point

On Highway 1, just south of Anchorage is Beluga Point. The Beluga whale is all white and loves the cold Arctic waters. During its migration, it spends much of its time in the waters of Cook Inlet on the Turnagain Arm. Belugas are often spotted when the salmon are running in Cook Inlet, typically between mid-July and August. There are 300-375 Beluga whales during this time! These whales are relatively small compared to other whales at under 16 feet.

Baycrest Hill Viewpoint

Head down to Homer and stop at the Baycrest Hill Viewpoint off of the Sterling Highway. In this one spot you might just see Bald Eagles, Blue and Grey Whales, plus sea otters playing in the water. On a clear day look to see if you can find any active volcanoes.

Stellar Sea lions

Kenai Peninsula

Driving down the Kenai Peninsula gives you the best chance to spot wild animals in Alaska. Not only can you see moose on the roadway, but don’t be surprised when you see Grizzly and Black Bears too. Look up and see the hundreds of Bald Eagles that call this national park home. Out at sea during the summer you will find Humpback Whales, Orcas, Belugas, and Blue and Grey Whales. Don’t forget about the Harbor seals on the icebergs, the Stellar Sea lions, or otters floating the day away. The Puffin can also be see just off the coast of the Kenai Peninsula with its cute orange feet.


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Susan T.

Monday 12th of October 2015

I went to Alaska when I was a child but I don't really remember. I would love to go again and the animals would be one of the highlights!

kathy downey

Thursday 2nd of April 2015

I would love to go to Alaska,looks breathe taking

Treen Goodwin

Monday 2nd of March 2015

I would love to go to Alaska , looks so pretty and i would love to see all the wild animals as well :) thanks for sharing :)

kathy downey

Sunday 19th of October 2014

I would love to visit just to take in the animal sites,it must have been amazing