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5 Family and Budget Friendly Spring Break Staycation Ideas

5 Family and Budget Friendly Spring Break Staycation Ideas
Travelling during winter months can get expensive. Many families try to escape ice and snow and head to sunny destinations during Spring/March Break and with that comes high ticket prices.
Planning a staycation is easier on your wallet and family fun can still be had close to home.
Here are 5 ideas for a memorable Spring Break Staycation with kids:
1. Stay at a local hotel
If your budget allows it, consider staying at a hotel close to home – in the same city or maybe a neighbouring one.
There are many group buy type websites that offer discounts on hotel rooms and some include credits to nearby restaurants as well. It’s fun break away from your regular routine in your home town. Don’t want to make the bed? You don’t have to.
Most hotels have promotions running the week of March break – brunches or special dining experiences for guests and locals too and it’s a good way to play tourist without breaking the bank.
2. Eat Out Every Night
Forget about the cooking and clean up during your staycation. Choose a few new to you or favourite restaurants and eat out or order in every night. 
Obviously this can get costly depending on how long your staycation is but a few nights of trying something new and taking a break from the cooking is refreshing. You might be surprised by what your kids are willing to eat too when you try new restaurants and cuisines.
3. Play Outdoors
I’m not the biggest fan of cold weather but my kids love it and when they are on winter break from school and daycare, we spend many mornings and afternoons outdoors.
We go skating, tobogganing and play in the snow. The best part about it all for me is that we get to have hot chocolate afterwards.
4. Invite Friends Over for a Sleepover
Since everyone else is on holiday too, invite a few friends over for a sleepover. A night of games, movies and snacks in PJs is fun for many kids.
5. Learn a New Skill
Check your local home building supply store, craft store or grocery store for a schedule of workshops or classes for children. Either free or for a minimal fee, this is a great way to spend some quality time with your children learning a new skill. 
We’ve made wooden boxes and cars, foam ornaments and greeting cards. It’s a great way to spend some quality time with the kids and learning a new skill is done in a fun way.
What does your family like to do during a Spring Break staycation?
About the Author:  Cheryl is a family travel blogger and shares how to travel with little ones without losing your mind or your money at She resides in Toronto, Ontario Canada and is constantly planning her next trip with her family.


Saturday 31st of December 2016

I love the eat out every night idea!

kathy downey

Thursday 2nd of April 2015

Just staying home and relaxing

kathy downey

Monday 1st of September 2014

Thanks for your suggestions .


Thursday 24th of April 2014

Going sliding, then hot chocolate sounds like a great idea! We didn't do anything for spring break, as I don't have anyone in school yet.

Elizabeth Matthiesen

Tuesday 15th of April 2014

some very good pointers here. Thanks for your suggestions :-)