Back to School Tips and Tricks with Crayola

Back to School Tips and Trick with Crayola

 When I was a kid back to school shopping until I hit middle school meant going out to get a few new outfits, shoes and a backpack.  These days things are so much different with parents being required to buy school supplies right from the get go.

One thing that hasn’t changed in that time is  that parents and teachers still rely on Crayola for many supplies from crayons to coloured pencils and beyond.  It’s funny but I have so many memories from my child surrounding crayola.  From the time I was given that huge box of Crayola crayons that came with the crayon sharpener built into it to the box of 24 Crayola crayons my dad kept in his bedside table for when he wanted to colour.

When it comes time to send my own kids to school you better believe I will be sending them off with Crayola too. 


Before you know it the big yellow bus will be rumbling down the street, classroom bells will be ringing and teachers will be calling attendance! Get a jump on your kids’ back-to-school needs with artful school tools from Crayola. For more than 100 years Crayola brand products have been trusted by moms and preferred by teachers.

Crayola wants to help make it easier for parents to get their children ready to head back-to-school so they’ve prepared some great tips & tricks to help you get your kids ready to head back!  Read on as well for school supplies checklists to help make shopping even easier!


Back to School Tips and Trick with Crayola

Back to School Tips and Trick with Crayola

Attitude is a large part of getting kids excited about going back to school. Children look forward to seeing their friends from school and getting back into a regular “school routine.” Here are a few tips to help get your kids back in the habit:

• Practice getting up early about a week before school starts.
• Create excitement around organizing your kids’ homework area and purchasing new school supplies. Making back-to-school preparations special will help them transition from the carefree summer days.
• Talk to your kids about what they can expect during a typical school day. Sure it is exciting to go back to school the first day or two. But kids should also be prepared for the reality of waking up early, rushed mornings, the discipline of sitting at desks, and being responsible for getting work done.
• Prepare a list of favourite breakfast foods that are quick and easy to fix in the morning.
• Talk to your child about what kinds of healthy foods they can pick out during lunchtime and how to spend their lunch money wisely.
• Select and lay out clothes the night before school starts.
• Establish an afternoon schedule that includes snack, homework, and personal time that kids can spend in their favourite ways.


Back to School Tips and Trick with Crayola

Get Organized 

Of course the most important thing you can do is prepare ahead, pick up standard supplies ahead of time and get organized. 

Crayola has put together two handy checklists to help you do just that for your kids in grades 1-3 and grades 4-6.


Back to School Tips and Trick with Crayola


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Disclosure:  I received the above mentioned product in order to facilitate this post.  All thoughts and opinions are honest and my own.


91 thoughts on “Back to School Tips and Tricks with Crayola

  1. This is my son’s first time with SK (I kept him home for JK) and the key is getting him excited. I’ve made him part of plans to make sure we are ready, he even drew a school house on his calendar for the first day. We have wrote a list of everything he needs & we plan on doing the shopping together 🙂

  2. We start going to bed and getting up at ‘school’ times 3 weeks before and we also change our daily meal times during the day to the school scheduled breaks. All summer long he just eats when he’s hungry through the day and we find it can be a big issue when back in school – he was hungry way before lunch time during the school day so going back to the schedule helps adjust his body

  3. My mom would start the week before waking us up at the time we needed to wake up for school, so it wouldn’t be so hard to get up the first day and Get back in the swing of things.

  4. Getting up early in the morning after a lazy summer sure is an issue.. but we also plan some play dates with school friends in the last couple weeks as well.. helps to reconnect before heading back.

  5. After a summer of late nights it is to get them back on schedule with earlier bedtimes and not sleeping in so much about a week before school starts just to get the routine back

  6. a neighbour told me before my kids hit school that kids don’t need “new” stuff every year and I remembered that. It’s true. The backpacks and pencil cases they used last year are fine, we replace things as they break or get ruined. not because it’s almost September. Often that back to school stuff goes on sale really cheap late in the fall and I will scoop up some extras to tuck away.

  7. We go through all our school supplies from the prior year and make a list of what we actually need. This year we only need markers, mechanical pencil lead and 1 ruler (as the numbers & lines wore off). 🙂

  8. My #1 tip for getting kids ready to head back to school is to get ready early in August and enjoy the last 2 weeks by doing things early in the morning to get them back in routine

  9. shop early for their school needs and watch out for sales. Start getting the kids to bed earlier ready for an early start when it’s school time 🙂

  10. My number one tip for going back to school is keeping everything positive. Get the kids excited about going back and concentrate on all the fun times!

  11. Start the kids back on a schedule a few weeks before they go back if they have not been following the routine they follow when they are in school.

  12. We started a going to bed earlier routine already to get ready and back in old routines .. My son has also been doing a star wars math workbook we bought him that is at the grade one level to get I’m ready for grade one math 🙂 he loves it and it’s been a huge hit

  13. starting waking up and going to bed on school hours a week or so before the big day in order to get everyone into the routine

  14. Make sure that everything is laid out and ready for them days before school starts, including what they will wear on first day of school, and also discuss in advance what they would like for lunch on the first day! This allows you to get the kids back into their routines and also for them to voice any concerns before school actually starts! 🙂

  15. This is my first year of having a kid in (pre)school, so I can only guess…but I’d say preparing as much as you can the night before is a good idea.

  16. For back to school, don’t try to get them back on schedule the night before school starts. Start in early or mid August. Gradually get them used to going to bed earlier and getting up earlier

  17. My #1 tip is to start in early August. I really don’t want to think about back to school then, but I have found the best school supply sales and selection then!

  18. I start talking to my daughter about school throughout the summer. Then about two weeks before school starts, I’ll take her shopping to get any last minute items and start to get her on a school schedule!

  19. My number one tip for going back to school is start getting the kids to bed earlier ready for an early start when it’s school time.

  20. I’m planning on meal prep for the week every Sunday afternoon for the week ahead. That way my attention will be free to supervise my new routine for the kids.

  21. Let them know ahead of time that they’re going to or going back to school. There’s nothing worse than being handed a backpack full of supplies, that you didn’t even know existed, and being asked to get out of the car ?

  22. At least a few days before we start getting back in sleeping schedule and eat meals at same time as they would for school

  23. We start getting back to routine about 2 weeks before school starts. Going to bed a little earlier each night until we have caught up to where we were before. Thankfully bedtime has only shifted about an hour later during the week.

  24. Letting the kids come with me to pick out their back to school shopping so they get excited about all the new stuff they have picked out and get use.

  25. I don’t have kids myself – I thought this package would be amazing for my friends’ super creative daughter. I don’t have tips for getting someone other than myself ready for back to school – but fresh supplies always helped me feel more ready to take on a new year.

  26. 2 weeks before we start the routine, we get up early get dressed, practice making lunch then at 4:00pm we go through homework. I have activity books we have done all summer but we do them at 4:00 we do reading and then bath and bedtime. I dont want first day/week attitude and surprises.

  27. My #1 tip for getting kids ready to head back to school is to start getting used to their new sleep schedule at least one week ahead of time.

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