7 Easy Ways to Save Money on Meat


7 Easy Ways to Save Money on Meat


Your grocery bill can get out of control, especially if you’re cooking for a family. This is especially true when it comes to spending money on meat for your family. Fortunately, saving even a little bit of money on meat is possible, which is only good news for your budget. Not sure how to save on meat? Check out these five frugal ways to save on meat.


Buy a Different Cut

If you want to save on meat, you might want to buy a different cut or size. For example, if you and the family really want to cook some steak on the grill, instead of going with a 3 inch thick steak, go with a thinner steak or a cheaper cut from a different part of the animal.  Don’t forget to check the price per weight and make your decision that way rather than judging by the price of the package itself.  This will save you money and you’ll hardly notice the difference if prepared with care!

Check Out the Butcher’s Specials

Depending on where you buy your meat, you can save money buying meat by shopping from the butcher’s specials. This is usually meat that is a little older but still safe and delicious to eat. When buying the butcher’s special, make sure you check the sell-by date. You’ll also want to check the colour and smell of the meat if possible. This lets you know if the discount is worth it.

Use Coupons

Coupons are great for saving money on any grocery item, including meat! Any time you come across a coupon for saving money on your favourite meat, take advantage of it and head to the grocery store. Buy as much as you think you’ll eat over the next few days or weeks.  Keep in mind that meat coupons are fairly rare in Canada but they do happen. 

Freeze It & Stock up

If you’ve bought a lot of meat using coupons, the butcher’s special or even just on a great sale, you can deep freeze your extras in order to make it last.   Although paying upfront for a few weeks’ worth of meat can be hard, in the end, you’ll have saved a ton of money.   That said, meat often goes on sale in cycles so stock up when you see a good sale to tide you through the times your favourite cuts are regular price.  Freezing your meat in portions also helps you eliminate waste, which saves you even more money.

Go with a Less Expensive Meat

Some meats tend to be more expensive than others. Because of this, you might want to go with a less expensive meat if you want to save cash. Chicken, especially drumsticks and thighs, tends to be cheaper than some other meat, which makes it a great alternative. You can also usually get pork chops at a decent price which makes that a great alternative as well.

Eat Less Meats

When it comes to protein animals aren’t the only source.  Try substituting with tofu, nuts, eggs, and legumes even just one meal a week. Even mushrooms are a great way to get in some amazing, and surprisingly filling nutrition.

Buy Whole, Waste Less

Often whole animals are cheaper to buy than the butchered parts.  Chicken is a great example of this.  Butcher the meat yourself and use the bones to make an amazing broth for a meal of homemade soup.


What are your best frugal tips for saving on meat?



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19 thoughts on “7 Easy Ways to Save Money on Meat

  1. Lately we’ve caught some great sales….so we stocked up for the freezer. Price matching meat is a bit of an effort, but sometimes it works too!

  2. Shop first thing in the morning. The meat department goes through the stock and puts on the discount sitckers. Last week I picked up a package of 4 pork schnitzels of $3 as it had a 50% off sticker. The expiration was the next day. They looked good and smelled fine and we had them for dinner that night. The bonus was that they were already seasoned and ready to go. We ate two and froze the others.

  3. When I ate meat, I used to buy it on sale and freeze it. A slow cooker was also great for using tougher (and cheaper!) cuts of meat.

    My husband is the only omnivore left in our family, so that is another way to save money on meat!

  4. Thank you for your seven tips. This reminds that I should visit my butcher who usually has better prices than the big grocery stores, especially on beef.

  5. I usually buy whatever is on sale for the week. There’s always something on sale. Right now I have 8 packages of sausages in my freezer. It saves me a ton, to buy by sale instead of by type.

  6. I found a deal on a cheaper meat this week and got some for myself and my sister. Good for making stews. For some cuts of meat I use the pressure cooker.

  7. I have never even seen a meat coupon. I tend to buy only when meat is at least 30% off, which does happen quite regularly at our store. I buy larger quantities when I can and then freeze what we don’t need immediately. I also use both my slow cooker and pressure cooker fairly often, both tenderise meat beautifully.

    1. I’ve found meat coupons on things like El Paso products for tacos and fajitas which is great if you happen to want Tacos or Fajitas for dinner.

  8. If you know how to cut meat, buy a thick roast. Using a sharp knife, cut horizontally to make thick steaks. Tenderize, and slice into pieces and tenderize each piece with a meat cleaver and cook as usual, one portion for each person. Freeze the rest after cutting into portions and store in freezer bags, or use the fatty part for stews or beef tips with gravy.

  9. I really appreciate your tips on easy ways to save money on meat. My tip is like yours-to buy meat when it is a good sale. I try to have a meatless meal at least once a week. I usually have French Toast(great with fresh crushed strawberries this time of year), or an omelet with homemade garlic bread. Just buy some garlic paste and mix with butter. Put on bread or hot dog buns (Halved). Put under broiler but not too close. Watch closely as it will char easily. Delicious.

  10. I use some of your tips: like buying our favorite meats on sale(Most of the time)-I could do better on this one.
    I try to have one meatless meal a week as the main meal-good for the waistline and health as well.
    I do not shop at a butcher’s yet. We do have such a store. I will check it out.

  11. slow cooker recipes are great for those tougher cuts, hubby does most of the grocery shopping since according to him, he gets the best deals it’s ok I hate grocery shopping

  12. I noticed one comment said that early in the morning is a good time to shop for meat as this is when older meat is put on sale. Thank you for this tip and I plan on trying it out. Once i was at my favorite store and they actually put t-bone steak on sale. I could hardly believe it. I bought as much as I could afford and put most of it in the freezer. Never happened since!

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