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Wood Slice Fox Christmas Ornaments


These Wood Slice Fox Christmas Ornaments are an adorable and festive holiday craft that make for great keepsake gifts that look great on a Christmas tree.  We had so much fun making these Christmas ornaments!



I love the rustic look of these wood slice ornaments, aren’t they just adorable?


Wood Slice Fox Christmas Ornaments


Wood Slices
Orange, Pink and Black Craft Foam
White Paint
Paint Brush
Black Paint Marker






Paint the wood slice white. 1-2 coats. Allow to dry completely.


Cut a circle from the orange felt the same size as the wood slice.


Cut out the fox’s fur for his face from the orange felt circle. Refer to the photo.


Glue the orange felt onto the wood slice.


Cut a small circle (nose) from black felt and glue on top of the orange felt.


Use a black paint marker to draw on eyes.


Cut small triangles from orange felt. Cut smaller triangles from pink felt. Glue the two pieces together.


Cut the bottom into a rounded shape.


Glue the ears on top of the fox’s head.


Glue twine onto the back for hanging on a Christmas tree.