Want to Keep Your Weight Loss Resolution?

Last Updated on January 22, 2013

“According to the Kellogg’s Special K* Canadian Positivity Poll, recently conducted by Angus Reid, a staggering 97 per cent of Canadians agree that a positive attitude helps in achieving goals. However, just 48 per cent of Canadians consider themselves positive.” 

“Additional research by Special K supports the link between positivity and achieving weight management goals. This is great news for the 61 per cent of Canadians making 2013 resolutions because the most popular are weight management related. Thirty per cent of Canadians are resolving to exercise more, lose weight or eat right.”

My Special K.ca has launched with new free personalised plans to help you stick with your weight-loss resolutions and healthy lifestyle goals.  As part of the Kellogger’s network I was even sent a Special K “Get Started” Kit including some amazing cereals and snacks that make it so much easier for me to control my portion size while still satisfying my cravings.  Portion control is something  I really struggle with and has been a major setback as far as meeting my own healthy living goals.

I love the bold reminder on the Special K products packaging as to just what is considered a single serving along with how many calories are associated with that serving.  Rather than eating an entire box of crackers I found myself actually counting out the 18 (super delish) Special K cracker chips thanks to the reminder on the box.

My Special K.ca offers not only meal plans to help you with your lifestyle goals, but great tips and fitness plans with a ton of information on food, fitness, fashion and beauty (yay!) all designed to help you feel positive and motivated.  

Sign up at Myspecialk.ca for your Free Personalized Plan!

12 thoughts on “Want to Keep Your Weight Loss Resolution?

  1. I think myspecialk.ca website is a great resource for those looking for support obtaining their health goals this year! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love Special K. They’ve always had neat ideas and products for keeping people healthy. Gotta check out that website as I’m on mission to be healthy in 2013!

  3. I’m really in love with that granola, and don’t those granola bars look delish? can’t wait to dive into one of those!

  4. I’m a Special K fan. I just really wish they would bring the Protein variety back to Canada. My favorite by far!

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