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Sofia the First: The Curse of Princess Ivy

SofiaTheFirstTheCurseOfPrincessIvyDVD copy

Features a Full-Length Adventure with Special Appearance by Rapunzel plus Three Additional Episodes and a FREE Exclusive Color-Changing Butterfly Necklace!

The revelation of a spellbinding secret sets in motion the most thrilling adventure in the history of Sofia the First! After learning that the Amulet of Avalor is magical, Amber snatches it while Sofia is sleeping.  Unfortunately, she unwittingly unleashes a curse that summons evil Princess Ivy, who threatens to destroy the amulet, seize the crown and turn the entire kingdom black-and-white!  Amber and Sofia soar through the skies on a flying dragon – aided by special guest Rapunzel – as they embark on a daring quest to defeat Ivy, break the curse and save Enchancia.  Packed with high-flying excitement, plus three more song-filled episodes, The Curse of Princess Ivy shows how love, trust, and unselfishly putting others’ needs first can truly work magic!


 Sofia the First is one of our favourites and Keira was beyond excited to see Rapunzel from Tangled show up in the title episode.    This was made even better since Mandy Moore reprized her role as Rapunzel.  Keira, 3, was a little bit frightened by Princess Ivy and spent part of the episode clinging to me but she still really enjoyed this episode.

The other episodes include Princess Butterfly, The Emerald Key and The Amulet of Avalor which are all really great choices.

We love watching Sofia the First, and its one the Disney Junior series that I really enjoy sitting down and watching with Keira.  The episodes are sweet with heartfelt morals that really reach even the younger set.   The bonus of the included colour-changing butterfly necklace was great too, Keira has barely taken it off especially since she discovered that sunshine changes the pendant and beads from white to pretty colour pinks and purples!

This is one of my favourite Sofia the First DVDs in our collection, so I definitely recommend picking it up!


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Victoria Ess

Monday 10th of August 2015

This looks unbelievably cute! I'd love to pick this up for my niece!

Stephanie LaPlante

Wednesday 4th of March 2015

My little cousins are definitely fans.


Sunday 1st of March 2015

I am not going to lie...I love watching Sofia the first! Sometimes when the kids aren't around and I see Sofia on the TV guide, I'll turn to it and just watch it for myself.

Elva Roberts

Saturday 28th of February 2015

Sofia the First sounds like a wonderful DVD for any little girl (or older) to enjoy. I know that even little tots know the difference between kind and mean. It's never to early to have them see compassion and selflessness in action and how love helps other people.

Judy Cowan

Wednesday 25th of February 2015

Oh I am sure my one niece would love this, she is still obsessed with everything Sofia!