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PLAYMOBIL Volkswagen Beetle & T1 Camping Bus

This summer has brought us PLAYMOBIL Volkswagen Beetle & T1 Camping Bus playsets. Talk about a trip down memory lane!

I am not actually old enough to have been around during the heyday of these vehicles, but I did grow up in the 80s watching loads of 1970s cartoons like Scooby Doo.

This left me wanting both of these vehicles badly as a kid. In fact, I would often ask my parents to get me a Beetle. The response was to get me a pink model toy Volkswagen Beetle complete with hippy stickers all over it, and little appreciation for my parents sense of humour at the time.

I was excited to check out these two new playsets from PLAYMOBIL with my girls for the nostalgia of it. They were excited because of all the accessories and cool details.

My 9 year old daughter was able to put both playsets together on her own, including carefully positioning all the stickers.

The PLAYMOBIL Volkswagen Beetle playset, modeled after the classic car, comes equipped with all the characteristic features that make it so unique.

It features curved fenders, the VW logo, the vertical windshield, the blue paint and the typical rear hood with a 4-cylinder boxer engine. 

The Volkswagen Beetle playset also includes a surfboard, a cool box, sand toys and many other accessories.

Another icon on the road, is the Volkswagen T1 Camping Bus! This vehicle has helped fuel countless road trips and adventures across generations.

PLAYMOBIL’s version includes the iconographic V-shaped front end and red VW logo, rounded roof, split windshield and removable roof rack.

Like all PLAYMOBIL playsets, these vehicles are super detailed and well built.

When opening the roof section, the authentically designed interior becomes visible. In true style, the interior of the T1 offers a folding table with two seats and a sink with refrigerator.

The benches with typical 60’s check pattern can be converted into a sleeping area for two people. The side doors can be opened as well, one door includes a shelf for food and the other a hinged shelf and mirror.

The playset contains two PLAYMOBIL figures, a Volkswagen T1 Camping Bus with removable roof and suitcases, detailed interior with folding dining table, foldable back seat, side doors with mirror and space for food and many other fun little details.

My kids have had them out on the back porch a few times already this summer. It’s been fun to see the neighbourhood kids all crowding around to play out stories using the sets. They have been a huge hit!

Recommended for ages 5 and up, these PLAYMOBIL playsets are available online on the PLAYMOBIL website.