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NuNAAT Real Me Curl to Coil Hair Care Review


I was sent NuNAAT’s brand new collection – Real Me Curl to Coil to test out for review.  The Real Me collection is free of Sulfates, Mineral Oils, Parabens and Sodium Chloride; and has been specially formulated with NuNAAT’s exclusive Join Complex®, a perfect blend of 5 natural oils extracted from nuts, fruits and green collagen that nourishes and hydrates hair fibers for softer, more manageable hair.  It is ideal for curly, coily, kinky, relaxed and chemically processed hair textures.
For reference, my hair is very thick and curly/wavy.  My main hair issue is frizz and dry straw-like hair.  I do tend to flat iron my hair and rarely wear it natural because of my hair issues.

 The Collection itself includes:

– Lather Up & Hydrate Shampoo
– Real Moisture Conditioner
– Pick me Up Sheen
– Blast of Shine Hair Mask
– Natural Curl Activator
– Perfect Do Pomade

Lather Up & Hydrate ShampooI started off my routine the first time with the Lather Up & Hydrate Shampoo which is said to cleanse and moisturize “multitextured hair without weighing it down, leaving it silky soft and easier to style. Strengthens hair and maintains a healthy scalp, promoting intense shine.”

The first thing I noticed was the scent, or near lack of scent.  Being pregnant I am really sensitive to scents at the moment so I really appreciated the gentle scent of this shampoo.

Despite the Shampoo being sulfate free, I did find that it lathered up well on the first go.  Of course if you have a lot of product in your hair you might need to lather up twice, but after the first wash I felt satisfied that my hair was stripped well of what little product and dirt was in it.

Blast of Shine Mask Next up I used the Blast of Shine Hair Mask combined with a few drops of the Pick me Up Sheen.  The Blast of Shine Hair Mask defines natural curly textures, moisturizing hair and eliminating frizz. Intensely nourishes hair, leaving it silky and shiny.  It also controls excessive volume and flyaways.  The Pick me Up Sheen softens and protects multitextured hair, leaving it intensely shiny and easy to style. It controls frizz without leaving behind residue and is ideal if used before
flatironing or blowdrying, or throughout the day to restore vitality.

Pick Me Up SheenYou can actually use the Pick me Up Sheen in a variety of ways depending on your needs.  You can use it to repair by applying it prior to washing hair and letting it rest for 5 minutes.  You can use it the way I do as a treatment or you can use it as a styling product by applying it to hair prior to styling similar to a typical hair serum.

I find that when I do use the Pick me Up Sheen combined with the Blast of Shine Hair Mask during my wash that I don’t need to any serum in my hair when I go to style.  My hair just retains enough natural oils and moisture from this treatment that it just isn’t necessary.  When I do wear my hair natural rather than straightened though I do run a little bit extra through my hair to help tame the frizz.

Again these products are only very lightly scented.  (Yay!)

RealMoistureCondI finished up in the shower with the Real Moisture Conditioner which is meant to soften, hydrate and detangle wavy to kinky textures without weighing hair down. It is also meant to eliminate frizz for a longer period of time.  The conditioner carries on the tradition of the light scent.

The conditioner is nice and thick and when I use it alone without all the products I can tell the difference in moisture level as I rinse it from my hair.  What I love most about this conditioner is that I don’t need to use an entire handful to be able to treat my hair.   Trust me, this is a big deal. 

Real Me Natural CurlNext up I used the Natural Curl Activator which keeps hair hydrated and frizz free for an extended period of time. It protects hair against harsh environmental conditions and prevents breakage.

This is a gel but don’t let that scare you.  It is not thick like typical gels and spreads easily into my hair.  Once my hair is dry I am not left with crispy textured hair, it is actually really lightweight and manages to help define my curls while leaving them nice and bouncy.

Perfect Do PomadeLast but not least is the Perfect Do Pomade.  Like the rest of the collection it is nice and light but effective.   It is meant to tame even the kinkiest of hair textures without weighing it down. It prevents hair breakage and provides smooth edge control.   This worked well to allow me to wear my hair natural so that I got all the curl without any of the frizz. 

Thanks to this collection I feel like I am able to enjoy my curly hair without having to immediately reach for the flat iron to style my hair. I love that although it works well for Black textured hair as tested by my husband, it also works really well in my hair.  Trust me, there aren’t many products we can both use in our hair as I find a lot of the products meant for his hair just really weighs my hair down.  

I haven’t tested the products in my daughters hair yet although I am fairly certain the collection would do wonders for her coily hair.

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Disclosure:  I received the above mentioned product in order to facilitate this review.  All thoughts and opinions are honest and my own. 


Sunday 14th of September 2014

I was wondering, because this product has nut essentials in it, could it cause an allergic reaction

kathy downey

Tuesday 2nd of September 2014

I may have to try this,looks like it worked well for you


Tuesday 29th of July 2014

My daughter likes when her hair straight, she has very little curl but at times it can become frizzy

Susan T.

Friday 27th of December 2013

I haven't heard of this brand but it sounds perfect for me!

amy lovell

Wednesday 30th of October 2013

This sounds wonderful!2 My hair is very thick, so it gets reaslly frizzy and turns into a poof! May have to give this a try.