Natural Wonders of the World by DK Publishing



Discover Earth’s most beautiful and fascinating natural landmarks. From the spectacular granite domes of Yosemite to the reefs of the Bahama Banks and the ice sheets of the Antarctic, this is an unparalleled survey of the world’s natural treasures.

From the Rocky Mountains to the Great barrier Reef and everything in between, Natural Wonders of the World combines breathtaking landscape photography and illustrations with 3-D terrain models and other explanatory artworks to reveal what lies beneath the surface and explain the geological processes to show how the features were formed. Plants and animals that inhabit each environment are also included, making Natural Wonders of the World a complete celebration of our world.

Produced in association with the Smithsonian Institution.



Natural Wonders of the World is a beautiful and interesting coffee table book filled with giant, high quality photos .of just about every natural wonder you could think of and some you just could never imagine actually existing.

The wonders are divided and categorised into continents starting with North America and moving on to through each continent until we finally reach Antartica before delving into the Oceans and we finish off taking a look at extreme weather. I love that this topic was approached in this manner as you get a really great sense of each continent from landforms to forests and water features.

There is a lot of information presented on each wonder too that gives an insightful – if wide ranging – overview.

A wonderfully surprising find for your coffee table.


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