When life moves fast, use Interac Flash

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When life moves fast, use Interac Flash


If anyone understands a need for convenience and speed at the cash register, it’s a busy mom.

Standing there trying to pay at the cash register can be hectic at the best of times, and even more so when you have little ones in tow. I used to find myself fumbling with my wallet,  attempting to press all the right buttons while simultaneously trying to keep my toddler from making away with an armload of “surprise eggs”.

Thankfully I’ve been able to eliminate the hassle of checking out by paying with Interac Flash. No longer is check out a long drawn out experience. I simply hold my Interac card over the point of sale terminal and within seconds I hear a beep that says my groceries are paid for and I can get on with my busy day.

Life moves fast. Use Interac Flash, because life doesn’t wait.


Interac Flash makes paying for purchases quick and easy as a contactless debit services. That means you can enjoy the  convenience of the “tap-n-go” service without going into debt. The payments come right from your bank account, just as if you had swiped. Now there is no need to swipe and enter PIN numbers, allowing you to get out of the store quicker.

Interac Flash saves me a ton of time when I am on the go. Whether it’s a few groceries or grabbing a coffee on my way to an appointment, I can pay for small purchases in seconds. Talk about convenience!

The security features of Interac Flash seals the deal for me. Having a secure and safe way to pay is as important to me as I’m sure it is to you.  Some of the security features include transaction limits, zero customer liability and more protection from fraud tactics like skimming.

Interac Flash is a safe and convenient way to pay for your everyday purchases, and it means a little more sanity in my life as a busy Mom.

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11 thoughts on “When life moves fast, use Interac Flash

  1. That is really nice! We have moved up to the cards with the smart chip in them, but that is not really any faster than the swiping method. I would like to see this in my hometown.

  2. This is so neat! I need to look into having something like this when I feel like I am being insanely in a hurry.

  3. I love the Interac Flash commercial with all the beeps. It is such an easy way to pay while shopping.

  4. Ok, now this is an awesome little gadget! I hate waiting in line when I just have a few items and need to hurry.

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