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5 Tricks to Save on Halloween Candy

 5 Tricks to Save on Halloween Candy
Photo by Carol Browne

When it comes to buying Halloween Candy for all the neighbourhood kids it is easy to go overboard. Unless of course you are one of those people who turn the light off and pretend not to be home.  Don’t be one of those people this year and use these simple tips to make Halloween affordable!

1)  Wait to Buy!

If you wait to buy until a day or two before Halloween you will find that most stores will start marking down their Halloween candy.  I actually started to notice it at my local grocery store a week ago.  This is one of those times you shouldn’t question it and just take advantage.

2)  Coupon!  Coupon! Coupon!

Check online and in your coupon inserts for candy coupons (yes, they exist both in Canada and USA!).  Match up the coupons with one of the sales and you’ve got a great deal on your hands!

3)  Figure Out Price/Piece

Now that you’ve got your sales and coupons handy you really need to figure out which is the best deal by figuring out the price per piece of candy.  This may not necessarily be the biggest box either!  You will also find that chocolate tends to be more expensive so opt for other treats like Sweet Tarts, Skittles and other Candy.  I would, however, avoid Candy that is likely to get thrown out – think back to your own childhood and you will know what I am talking about.

4)  Don’t buy Full-Size

Another shocking bit of craziness is buying full sized candy.  It’s OK to buy a few to treat your favourite neighbours kids but is totally unnecessary for trick or treaters.  You really do not get an award for having the best candy.  Trust me on that.

5)  Avoid Temptation

You know what I mean Mom and Dad.  You went out and bought a 90 piece box of your favourite chocolate bars two weeks ago and they somehow all disappeared.   Avoid temptation by buying candy you won’t be tempted to snack on.

Did you Know?  Canadians will spend $322 million on Halloween candy according to 2012 Canadian Halloween Spending Predictions from the Consolidated Credit Counseling Services of Canada.

kathy downey

Wednesday 24th of September 2014

I always look for sales and use coupons when available


Wednesday 16th of October 2013

Perhaps another tip-keep track of how many kids came last year and don't overbuy! Last year we were standing outside with our neighbours trying to pawn off candy on each other so we wouldn't eat it, after only a teeny number of kids showed up at our doors!

Cheryl Grandy

Sunday 29th of September 2013

I hadn't thought of looking online for coupons for candy. I'll do that this year. I find that as long as I don't open the bag/box before Halloween I can avoid eating the candy before hand, but if I open the bag to "just have one" I end up eating them all and having to buy more to give as Halloween treats.

Mary Davies

Monday 19th of August 2013

My neighbour gave me a good idea last year,a week after Hallowe'en - she took her leftover wrapped candy to the Childrens Aid office (FACS here) and they were really pleased to have some treats for upset children. She took them the morning after Hallowe'en so she wouldn't be tempted - meanwhile I had eaten the leftovers at my house!


Thursday 8th of August 2013

The temptation item is makes the first item (wait for sales a day or two before) even more important!