Celebrate Canada Day with Canada Doodles

Last Updated on December 30, 2015

Canada Doodles Cover 

Just in time to help you celebrate Canada day comes a fun new activity book release from Raincoast Books, called Canada Doodles by Megan Radford and Peter Cook.

The book starts off with an invitation from a Beaver to explore all the corners of Canada, and indeed the book is filled with fun facts about Canada hidden in the whimsical prompts that make this book so much fun.

You will find typically Canadian things like decorating a Tim Hortons donut, drawing a new uniform for the RCMP, drawing lacrosse equipment and drawing the sails on the Bluenose.  Plus plenty of local references from each Province such as finishing off a totem pole found in Vancouver’s Stanley Park, drawing cats in Parliament, decorating the Royal Botanical Gardens with flowers, drawing a blueprint for your own underground city like Montreal’s, and drawing Anne of Green Gables hair.  The Arctic Territories have not been forgotten about either.

I was pleasantly surprised by how well the book covers different cultures and shows just how diverse our Country is.  There are plenty of references to First Nations peoples as well as the Inuit and even pages to cover others such as drawing on the costume of people at the Caribbean Carnival Parade in Toronto and to decorate dragons at the annual Chinese New Year parade.

Canada Doodles is marked as being a Childrens activity book and for ages 8 and up but honestly, I think it is a great activity book for adults to get in on too.  I think it would be perfect for road trips and waiting rooms as its size makes it perfect for throwing in your purse to take along. 

It is sure to get a smile as you come across whimsical prompts like “β€œBanff National Park features wildlife overpasses above the highway. Draw a pack of moose driving convertibles across one.”

Have fun with these three free printables taken right from Canada Doodles.  Just click to download the pdf and print!



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7 thoughts on “Celebrate Canada Day with Canada Doodles

  1. Decorating a Tim’s donut and designing an RCMP uniform? Those sound like fun! I would have loved doing those activities as a child. πŸ™‚

  2. This sounds like a fun and informative book! I’m definitely going to check it out for my grandkids! Thanks

  3. Thanks so much girl!! Though my daughter is 8 she loves the colouring pages we’ve printed off… she gets a variety of different characters etc. .. this though.. this is even better!! She will enjoy this thank you so much.

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