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Alphabet Crafts For Kids: P is for Pineapple


This week in my series of ABCs kids crafts featuring the Alphabet, we are doing an P is for Pineapple craft. These Alphabet Crafts For Kids are a fun way to introduce your child to the alphabet.


Alphabet Crafts For Kids: P is for Pineapple


Craft Foam
Glue (can use hot glue or white school glue)
Black Marker
Colourful craft paper




After gathering all of the supplies, you will first download the letter P template and print onto paper or cardstock.



Cut out the letter P and trace onto the craft foam. Cut the letter out.

Download and print the PINEAPPLE template. Cut out.



Trace the pineapple template onto craft foam. Cut out.

Use a black marker to outline the pineapple and leaves and add detail.



Glue the pineapple and leaves together.



Glue the pineapple to the letter P.

kristen visser

Tuesday 30th of October 2018

These are fun as well as educational! i love it <3

kathy downey

Tuesday 30th of October 2018

Thanks for sharing we love making letters