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5 Ways to Celebrate Halloween with a Baby

5 Ways to Celebrate Halloween with a Baby

As a child Halloween was one of my favourite celebrations, and not just for the candy, I loved dressing up too.  My mom always handmade our costumes, I am not sure how she found the time with three kids but she did.  Some were pretty amazing, like my favourite costume of all time. my princess costume complete with sparkly cone hat and wand.    Some were not so much like the time she had my sister and I dress up like Shepherds and my little brother like a sheep – costumes she had made for the Sunday School Christmas Pageant the year before that still fit.  The costumes were well done really, its just that most people thought we were dressed as two Muslims and a rabbit.

Now that I have my own two little ones I am excited to get them dressed up for the evening in cute costumes.  With a 10 month old and a toddler though it isn’t as simple as just hitting the pavement as soon as it gets dark.

Spooky scenes, creepy costumes and eerie eats: these Halloween favourites can be overwhelming for a little one. But while there’s plenty to be scared of on All Hallows’ Eve, getting your baby involved should be no cause for fear. Here are five great ideas from Disney Baby for toning down the fright night festivities, so your little pumpkins can join in the action too!


5 Ways to Celebrate Halloween with a Baby

  1. Be an early bird

If your baby is old enough and you want to go out and trick-or-treat or take in the ghoulish sights, don’t be afraid to head out early. Try talking to your neighbours and organizing a special event for wee ones before the real action begins. Or find out who is home during the day, and make your rounds then!

  1. Nix the neighbourhood

If you aren’t comfortable taking your little ones trick-or-treating, there are often local baby-friendly events you can bring them to instead. If you’re not sure where to start, try a zoo! Many organize Halloween activities specifically for young children.

  1. Revel with your relatives

For a more low-key option, have a little party at home or take your baby to visit the family! Have everyone get dressed up in fun, friendly costumes, make a few treats like these frozen ‘boo’-nana pops, or set up a creepy craft station.

  1. Stick with stories

If the idea of Halloween is still a bit overwhelming, and you want to introduce it to your little one slowly, start with a few Halloween-themed tales, like Pooh says Boo! or Halloween Surprise. Books like these are a simple and easy way to bring the festivities home, ensuring that baby enjoys a Halloween treat, and you enjoy a quiet night in.

  1. Choose a comfy costume

Whatever activity you choose, if you decide to include a costume, make sure baby is not only cute but also comfy. This cozy Mickey Mouse ensemble features soft fabrics, as well as snap button closures to make mom’s life easier!

kathy downey

Saturday 22nd of November 2014

they look so cute dressed up

Victoria Ess

Tuesday 18th of November 2014

I love seeing babies dressed up for Halloween! It's so adorable!

kathy downy

Sunday 2nd of November 2014

Many moons ago when my kids were small I made their costumes

Elizabeth Matthiesen

Thursday 30th of October 2014

when my children were small, many many years ago I made their costumes and had fun doing it too. Today a lot are bought and lots of children have the same 'look'. I like it much better when they are individuals and their parents have shown some inspiration in the costume. PS love the baby photo, is it from Anne Geddes?

Janet W.

Sunday 26th of October 2014

Our neighborhood has lots of toddlers and young children, so we get started earlier before the sun goes down. I love seeing my grandsons get all dressed up. They always look adorable!