DIY Painted Planter

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Spring is my second favourite season of the year.  The first being summer, I just can’t get enough of the hot weather!  Spring brings warmer weather, flowers, showers and the return of “life”.   I love to start working on my garden, and am often tempted to start a little too soon every year.  There is just something about gardening that is so relaxing.

This spring my family is moving from out current house to a somewhat larger one.  The problem is that I put several large flower beds into the garden here and our new house has nowhere to put in a garden. Which brings me back to my love of Gardening.

Spring into a Gardening DIY with Home Hardware #shop

Thankfully there are many great ways to have a beautiful “garden” in a small space, even in a space as small as say an apartment balcony!  One way is by container gardening and making use of vertical space.  One way of creating vertical space is with tiered planters such as this super cute Polka-Dotted Tiered Planter from Positively Splendid.  This brings up something else I personally think is important – make what space you have available your very own.  Maybe you only have a 4 foot by 5 foot cement patio to use, so why not really personalize that space and make it fabulous.

Spring is the best time to get out and get working on your garden, that way you have the entire summer to enjoy it!  Why not take on a fun and easy DIY project to make your garden the best it can be?  I decided a painted planter would be the way to go to transplant my favourite Hydrangea into.

Spring into a Gardening DIY with Home Hardware #shop

 I headed off to Home Hardware to get some supplies.  I was really motivated by the tiered planter but had some ideas of my own.  There were tons of supplies to choose from and it was easy to find just what I wanted.

I settled on a self-watering plastic planter, some spray paint meant for plastic and Frog tape.  I also picked up a big bag of planting soil.  I was surprised by the gardening selection at Home Hardware despite how early on in the season we are.  Make sure you pick a planter in the colour you like so that you are only painting once.

Spring into a Gardening DIY with Home Hardware #shop

You could do any type of design when it comes to this project and it is so easy to do you could easily have a patio full of custom planters in no time.  I decided to do a “diamond” pattern as I thought it would be really pretty but easy enough to do.  Even with a 2 year old trying to “help”.

Spring into a Gardening DIY with Home Hardware #shop

Start by masking off your pattern with the tape.  A smart-phone works really great as a level and as a guide for spacing.  You could also use the real tools meant for this, and Home Hardware carries those too.

Spring into a Gardening DIY with Home Hardware #shop

Once your entire planter is masked off spray it over twice, following the directions of your paint.    Allow to completely dry then carefully remove the Frog Tape.

You can take this a step further by adding your street number to the planter if you plan on using it for the front of your house!

Spring into a Gardening DIY with Home Hardware #shop

Ta da!  A Customized planter perfect for welcoming in the spring.


Here it is with flowers!

DIY Painted Planter

What is your best tip for getting your Garden Ready for Spring?


27 thoughts on “DIY Painted Planter

  1. Oh I love this idea!! I live in an apartment and already made a small gardening list! I got so excited last night watching the weather on the news when they said we were going to hit +10.. I began a list lol!

    Thanks for the great idea, I see all sorts of usable planters at yard sales .. such a fantastic restoration idea!

  2. Brilliant idea, thanks for the tip. Yours turned out really well, if mine is half as good and I’ll be happy. 🙂

  3. Fantastic idea! I would love it if you joined and contribute your awesome posts at my link party at City of Creative Dreams on Fridays 😀 Hope to see you there at City of Creative Dreams Link Party

  4. I love Home Hardware.It has been a family favorite and tradition since I can remember! That turned out so awesome, what a great idea!!

  5. Hi Elizabeth,
    i really love this personalized planter and you’re on my top three from last week’s The DIY’ers! i will be pinning this on my pinterest board♥

    thanks for sharing! huggies♥

  6. I love what you did with the planter! It was drab and boring before, but now looks fab! I never would have thought of trying that…

  7. Home Hardware has been around from many years and when we lived in Stoney Creek there was one across the highway. We would go there whenever hubby couldn’t find something that he already had 5 of. Of course he had put them in a spot where he would never lose them, lol

  8. I take pictures of my flowerbeds in spring so I know where to plant ‘fill-in’ bulbs for next year. Believe me, you will not remember where the tulips and daffodils were in the fall!

  9. My tip for getting ready for spring gardening would be to get rid of all the weeds in your flower beds in the fall. That is what I am working on now, so I won’t have to handle it in the spring.
    I love your diy planter painting.

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