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Surprising Ways Tidying Up Can Benefit Your Mental Health

Surprising Ways Tidying Up Can Benefit Your Mental Health


The environment in which we live in has a huge effect on our mood. If we find ourselves stressed out by our surroundings, it can make day to day living harder than it should be, greatly impacting our mental health.

Tidying up can have huge benefits to our mental health. Whether we are reducing clutter or simply organizing the items we have, facing stressors head on has huge benefits to our overall wellbeing.

Surprising Ways Tidying Up Can Benefit Your Mental Health

Less Stress

Face it, a cluttered and disorganized home is not only distracting but it is also annoying. It can drain us of our much-needed energy each day, causing us to feel stressed. Tiny road blocks all over your home, such as jam-packed drawers that won’t open or an abundance of food storage containers missing lids, can cause us to become extremely irritated rather quickly. These things add up throughout the day, until we feel as though we are about to explode. Fixing these issues will make our daily lives quite a bit easier, causing us less stress and allowing us to move ahead rather than waste time.

Better Self Esteem

Tidying up can help to give you quite the self esteem boost. Those clothing items in your closet that just don’t fit anymore or that don’t make you feel good about yourself are constantly starting at you. Those piles of papers all over the house remind us that we are behind on our tasks. Those piles of unfolding clothes make us feel embarrassed when company comes over. These things keep telling us that we are unworthy, and undeserving of a happy and stress-free life. This isn’t true though, you are deserving and worthy. Tidying these things up can help to give you a much-needed self esteem boost.

Sense of Achievement

While the thought of tidying up can be a bit overwhelming, especially when we are busy, getting it done can have a great boost to our moods. When we have tackled a difficult task, we feel an innate sense of achievement, helping us to feel more optimistic and happier. This sense of achievement has an amazing benefit to mental health.

Tidying up has several surprising benefits to your mental health. Not only will you experience less stress, but you will build better self esteem and gain a sense of achievement once the tasks are complete. After all, a cluttered home leads to a cluttered mind and that is never healthy. Get started today and you will feel lighter, happier and much more stable.