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The No Time to Cook! Book by Elena Rosemond-Hoerr


No time to cook? No problem! Make weeknight cooking easy with more than 100 foolproof recipes that cover quickie breakfasts, lunches, dinners, desserts, and even impressive feasts for guests — all in 30 minutes or less. Created with intuitive graphics that are easy to follow, The No Time to Cook! Book will transform your weeknight cooking and make getting dinner on the table quick, easy, and stress-free. Really!

These recipes are presented simply and easily. The No Time to Cook! Book includes illustrations, flow charts, and pie charts that make recipes easier to understand. Special sections such as “10 Fun Things to Do with a Chicken” and “The Wheel of Dressings” outline easy recipes with the humor that’s so necessary at the end of a busy day, and a quick reference section is perfect for the new cook in a time crunch. Take the stress out of dinner with The No Time to Cook! Book.


The No Time to Cook! Book is a great cookbook for novice cooks.  It contains illustrations of literally everything from kitchen to table painlessly thanks to the step-by-step instructions.  There are also a few large photos and smaller photos of each recipe as well.  There are variations on a theme for many of the recipes that use similar techniques.  There are also plenty of guides and information, as well as alternate ingredients and variations included throughout the book.  There are some fun presentations like the Wheel of Salad dressings.

I was a bit disappointed that the total time for each recipe is a stretch since the ingredients are listed in such a way that they are already prepared to use basically as a way to cut down on prep time.  (Chopped, diced, and in some cases pre-cooked.) That said,  there is a guide at the beginning on knife skills, time saving tips and tricks etc.. to help you cut down on prep time.

This would be a great cookbook for those who are visually driven, the recipes are quick to prepare and contain common ingredients for the most part.  I like that it is presented in a way to appeal to those who think they can’t cook so I would definitely recommend it for the novice cook.


kathy downey

Thursday 4th of February 2016

The No Time to Cook! Book will be perfect for my working daughter,thanks for the review