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Natural Beauty by Dorling Kindersley

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I’ve been seeing a lot of talk recently about Essential Oils and I am interested in learning more about natural alternatives to medicine, beauty products and more.  What I’ve been looking for though is non-branded information about it as most of what I see floating around is also pushing sales. 

Looking through DK’s Start Fresh Boutique I came across an interesting title, Natural Beauty, and it really caught my eye. 

fefe65ddee4341c69c26d390f8f6832fNatural Beauty

Looking for natural remedies that actually work? Natural Beauty is your resource for natural and organic products that give you the results that you want. Want healthy skin? Looking for clear skin without harmful chemicals? Natural Beauty is your guide to everything from home remedies to natural skin care products to essential oils.

Natural Beauty makes it easy to understand organic skin treatments and makeovers. Browse the ingredients directory, discover natural remedies, and find recipes for homemade face masks and creams to try at home. This organic beauty and natural remedy resource has a huge variety of information, including healthy skin care products, how to make your own lip balm and homemade face masks, which natural deodorant actually works, and how to effectively use essential oils in your life. Natural Beauty even includes makeup tips for using natural, organic beauty products to help you get the look you want, even on a budget. Natural Beauty will be your guide to looking gorgeous and getting natural beauty that’s sustainable, too.


 The Book is divided into 5 main sections.  The first section is a directory of ingredients and it covers all the herbs, flowers, nuts and seeds, and fruits along with their uses.  It also covers everyday items found in your kitchen that can be put to use for beauty applications such as.

The following sections cover Face, Body, Hair, and Hands & Feet which include homemade recipes for products like cleansers, toothpaste, body butter, deodorant, shampoo and more.  There is also great quick fixes provided for people on the go with very little time to spend on a beauty regime which is fabulous.   Since this is a DK published title it of course is filled with gorgeous photos on most pages.

The authors include Susan Curtis who is a qualified homeopath and naturopath, Fran Johnson is  a cosmetic scientist and Pat Thomas who is a journalist who is passionate about exposing the harmful chemicals found in everyday beauty products.  Together they have written a detailed and pretty complete guide for those looking to avoid potential toxins by going natural.

Buy it:

Natural Beauty is available for purchase from as well as from Chapters.


Victoria Ess

Sunday 14th of June 2015

I would LOVE this book!

Elva Roberts

Thursday 29th of January 2015

From the review of this book on Natural Beauty, I think it would really help us make some of our own natural products. I think this would be a useful craft to learn. Thank you for telling us about it.