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New Children’s Music from Nancy Kopman: “Senses”


My kids first fell in love with Nancy Kopman’s children’s music after I met her at a get-together a couple years ago and brought home one of her CD’s. My girls have truly loved singing and dancing along to her previous 4 albums, “I Know I’ll Grow….”, “The Seasons”, “Wonderful You” and “Shadow”. Her songs are not only fun and interactive but I know my kids are learning as they listen too!

Nancy recently released her 5th album “Senses” which features 15 brand-new songs that range in topics from transitions like “A Welcome Song”, routines in “I’m Washing My Hands”, emotional regulation in  “It’s a Mistake” and educational themes like “Parts of a Plant”.


As with previous albums, Nancy’s music in “Senses” is soothing and positive with a fun folk vibe that the whole family can enjoy. As Nancy is not only a recording artist and songwriter, but also a teacher, her music has a very natural way of connecting with and engaging kids from 0-10 years old. My kids instantly loved this latest album and are constantly singing the songs, whether the CD is playing or not.  I’d call that a hit!


Connect with Nancy on her website,  and be sure to follow Nancy’s YouTube channel for even more fabulous resources for her music!