Limeapple Girl’s Activewear

Limeapple Girl's Activewear

Way back in 2011, after I found out I was pregnant, I literally could not wait to find out if my baby was a girl or a boy.  My husband was hoping for a boy while I was pretty much praying for a girl.  Then I found out I was carrying a baby girl and almost immediately set out shopping for cute little baby girl outfits.  I was so looking forward to dressing up my baby in different outfits.  I even planned out that I was going to change her half way through the day as a way to rationalise all the outfits I was buying.

It’s pretty safe to say that I’ve managed to raise not just one, but two little diva’s.  In my defence, it is fun to dress them up!

Keira enjoys picking out her own outfits in the morning, and I’ve noticed lately that she tends to reach for the brightest outfits she can find in her dresser.  So when we were sent a couple outfits from Limeapple to check out, it was seriously not too long before she picked them out to wear.   Limeapple creates fashionable, comfortable and age-appropriate clothes for young girls from 12 months up to size 14.  Oh, and they are Canadian too!


Limeapple Girl's Activewear

I asked Keira to help me pick out the outfits and the first one she picked was Remi $41.00 CAD from the Little Lime collection.  It is available in sizes 12m up to size 6,  97% Cotton 3% Spandex, machine washable and preshrunk for true fit.  It’s also incredibly adorable.


Limeapple Girl's Activewear

Remi features a sleeveless peplum top, with a chic bow and ruffle detail flowing down the front. There is a keyhole opening on the back with button closure to ensure a nice fit.  The shorts are mid rise with a smooth elastic waistband for easy dressing, and an adorable contrasting ruffle down the side of the shorts. (The headband is her own.)

Limeapple Girl's Activewear

When you first pick up the clothing you immediately notice the quality of the materials used and the careful stitching.  It has a heaviness to the material that speaks to how durable the clothing is as well as a bit of a stretch so you just know that the outfit not only fits well but adjust and moves with your child as they play.

Limeapple Girl's Activewear

The outfit itself almost seems to just radiate joy, don’t you think?

Limeapple Girl's Activewear

Keira’s second choice was Angi $48.00 CAD  from the Little Lime collection.  It is available in sizes 12m up to size 6,  97% Cotton 3% Spandex, machine washable and preshrunk for true fit. 


Limeapple Girl's Activewear

This two piece set features rainbow colour panels and cascading ruffle tiers with flower appliqu├ęs which really sets this outfit apart from the rest. The leggings are mid rise with a smooth elastic waistband for easy dressing and include contrasting ruffle detailing down the side.  (Headband is her own.)

Limeapple Girl's Activewear

The level of quality and durability is also consistent with this outfit which is nice to see, and makes me feel confident about ordering more outfits knowing they can withstand her playing.  Keira also thinks they feel nice on her and find them super comfortable.  As a matter of fact she keeps asking to wear her two Limeapple outfits because she has found them to be so comfortable to play in.


Limeapple Girl's Activewear

When it comes to my girls wardrobe, I absolutely would not hesitate to invest in Limeapple outfits considering not only the quality but the unique and colourful look as well.  I am happy to know that these outfits will likely be in great condition when it comes time to pass them down to Ava.  Talk about getting your dollars worth!

Limeapple Girl's Activewear


You can shop Limeapple online or find them at a retailer near you!


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22 thoughts on “Limeapple Girl’s Activewear

  1. Lime Apple has some great stuff, I’ve been eying some items for a while now….the Mika dress is one of my faves! Love the color!

  2. Oh my goodness, so cute. My girls would love these… they love active wear but it has to be cute! LOL

  3. Limeapple looks like a great place to shop for clothes for your little ones. I love the outfits you have featured above. Thank you for sharing this review.

  4. Those outfits are adorable! I love the bright colors – makes it easier to find them at the park or zoo when they stand out!

  5. Some great looking pics! We’ve got a horde of little boys, so we just dress them in burlap sacks since it doesn’t last anyway. :p

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