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How to Extend the Life of your Real Christmas Tree


How to Extend the Life of your Real Christmas Tree


There is something special about having a real Christmas tree over the holidays. There is just nothing quite like the smell of a fresh tree as it permeates your home, bringing fond memories to the forefront of your mind. Sometimes though, real trees come with a few negatives. For instance, real trees can easily dry out, loose their needles and die. Thankfully there are steps that you can take to help extend the life of your real tree and keep it from meeting certain doom far before it’s time.


Make Sure it’s Fresh

There is something to be said for chopping down your own Christmas tree, but it is also possible to procure a fresh cut tree from a lot as well. If possible, saw off an inch or so from the bottom of your tree, remembering to leave room for it to fit in the stand. Cutting the bottom helps to remove any sap that has made it’s way into the bottom of the trunk, making it easier for the tree to absorb water.


Water, Water, Water

The best thing you can do to extend the life of your real Christmas tree is to give it water. It’s vital to make sure that you constantly fill the stand with water, especially for the first few days. If your tree dries out from not having enough water, then the needles will fall off and the tree will die more quickly.


Get the Right Stand

Some Christmas tree stands only have a small water reservoir. It is important that you find a stand that can hold quite a bit of water, rather than one of the smaller ones that seems to run out faster. This will help to guarantee that your tree is getting enough water throughout the day, keeping it healthy and beautiful. A large stand also reduces the amount of times you need to give your tree water throughout the day, allowing for it to be a little less fuss.


Choose a Spot Wisely

Keep your tree away from air sources like hot vents, open windows and space heaters as these things can encourage your tree to dry out faster. Instead, place your tree in a space away from any drafts or heat and keep it in a moderate and comfortable indoor climate to encourage it to live throughout the entire season.


Extending the life of your fresh Christmas tree is important, especially if you want to ensure that it lasts throughout the entire season. Make sure it’s fresh when you bring it home and you water it frequently, so it doesn’t dry out. Avoid placing your tree near any drafts or air sources and have the right stand on hand to ensure it’s absorbing enough water throughout the day. Taking these steps will help your tree last longer so you can enjoy it over the holidays.