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8 Resources for Free Images Online

If you ask any blogger where they get their images, they will tell you one or two free places they visit, or they will say they took the photo themselves. Unless you are a great photographer or have a little extra money to pay someone for unique images, you are probably in the market for some free images. Here are a few sites that will give you free images to use for your blog posts.


Blog Tips: 8 Resources for Free Images Online.


Pros- Free, easy to use, and easy to edit photos. They can also be downloaded using a variety of formats.
Cons- the material is often outdated and limited.

This is one of the most popular places for bloggers to visit, though, as the images are clean and straightforward.


Pros- hundreds of photos in a variety of styles. In fact, the site uploads 10 new photos daily to keep content fresh.
Cons- hard to search in archives.


Pros- easy filtering and dozens of categories to search.
Cons- Authors ask for attribution to use their free photos, which isn’t all that bad.

Creative Commons

This site does not contain photos, but rather links you to other sites that are hosting free images you can use.
Pros- A very good search tool to help you browse multiple sites to find exactly what you need.
Cons- the amateur work can be distracting if it is not done correctly and is mixed in with the professional work.


Pros- these are the quirky and unique images you have been looking for. If you want something different, this is where you need to visit.
Cons- there is no search function. You must scroll through all of the images.


Pros- if you have a vintage style, this is the stock photography site for you. You can search for images by dominant color, category, and tags.
Cons- mostly outdoor photos.

Jay Mantri

Pros- new, so not many people have used the images. This is a great place for outdoor scenes.
Cons- still a few glitches in the site since it is so new, and it is limited to only outdoor photos.

Photo Pin

Pros- quick and easy to search for images, and is designed specifically for bloggers to find images.
Cons- mostly amateur photography, so quality isn’t always great, and it can be hard to find the image you need to suit your needs.


If you are looking for more professional photography that is safe to use, we definitely love, recommend and use Shutterstock here at Frugal Mom Eh.  There are plenty of beautiful stock photos!