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First Science Encyclopedia


A perfect first visual reference book for children ages 7-10 eager to learn about all things science, now revised and updated.

Packed with amazing photography and fun facts, First Science Encyclopedia will take kids on a journey of discovery with its comprehensive look at the forces and elements that make up our amazing world.

This visual reference covers many different subjects, from the human body and animals to space and matter. Kids can discover how a flower grows, what’s in the air we breathe, and why what goes up must come down. Photos and illustrations bring science to life and quizzes make learning even more fun. A glossary at the back provides a quick reference of key science terms, from bacteria and genes to global warming and fossil fuels.

First Science Encyclopedia is an ideal starting place for budding scientists.



My 5 year old has a budding interest in science after her Kindergarten class had a visit from the school’s science teacher. Since then she has been super enthusiastic about “experiments”.

While First Science Encyclopedia is geared towards children 7 to 10 years old, we have been tackling it together successfully.

The first section of the book covers Life Science and it starts off with easy to tackle subjects as seen in the image above. Some of the subjects as you move into Materials Science, Physical Science, and Earth and Space science are more complex than others but the book really does a great job of presenting everything in an easy to understand format with loads of illustrations.



Each page includes a question and answer at the bottom which also help to build knowledge. As you move further into the book you will also find great hands on experiments that help illustrate the topic and really engage young readers.



Once you reach the end of the last section you will find a reference section which includes some great pages for testing knowledge from True or false questions to quizes and more.

Of course, as an encyclopedia you will also find a glossary and index for easy reference.

Overall this is a really well-done reference and knowledge building book for budding scientists.

Elva Roberts

Wednesday 7th of June 2017

This First Science Encyclopedia seems to be the one I may get for one of my great grandsons. He is reading in Kindergarten and is very curious. I think this book would really pique his interest and he would enjoy it very much.

kathy downey

Saturday 3rd of June 2017

My grandson is six and has a great interest in Science this will make a wonderful birthday gift when he turns seven this Fall.Thanks for the introduction .