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Diana Barry Spa Gift Set


Looking to help a kindred spirit indulge in a little luxurious relaxation? Look no further than the Diana Barry Spa Gift Set exclusively from

Add a little self care to your day and escape the confines of regular life.  Within the beautiful white and gold-lined gift box lies apothecary treasures specifically curated for fans of Anne of Green Gables to help you add a little self care to your day.

Each product included in the gift set was meticulously chosen to transport you to Avonlea and stimulate your imagination. notes that the gift set includes:

  • 1 Diana Barry of Avonlea Perfume
  • 1 The Lady of Shalott Candle 
  • 1 Apricot Scrub Bar

However I received 2 Apricot Oatmeal Soap Bars instead of an Apricot Scrub Bar.



The Apricot Oatmeal Soap Bars smell of fresh apricots, it was the first thing I smelled opening up the box. The scent is mild and refreshing.

These soap bars are designed to sooth and gently exfoliate the skin with oatmeal and apricot shells.



Let your imagination run wild as you relax with the naturally sweet notes of current and thyme found in the Lady of Shalott Candle.
This natural soy-based, Canadian made, candle transports you to the forests of Anne’s childhood.
The Lady of Shalott candle is designed to transform your environment and reduce stress for over 40 hours of relaxation.
It is also naturally biodegradable and clean burning with no paraffin or artificial colours used.


I really love light, sweet and fruity perfumes and Diana Barry is exactly the kind of scent I love to spritz on when I’m running out for any occasion (or non-occasion). It’s not too heavy or serious. Just a deliciously fun scent.

It reminds of a warm late spring day when you step out doors and get hit with that fresh spring air carrying the scent of freshly bloomed spring flowers.



The Diana Barry Spa Gift Set is not available any where else. Sold exclusively on Shop at Sullivan for $78.82 CAD | $59.99 CAD.