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Curious George 3: Back to the Jungle DVD



Launch into the adventure of a lifetime with everyone’s favorite monkey in this all-new movie, Curious George 3: Back to the Jungle! When Curious George is asked to take part in a very important space mission, a little monkeying around forces him to crash-land in Africa. While a worried Man with the Yellow Hat searches for him, Curious George bravely explores the jungle and makes new animal friends along the way. Reunited at last, the two best pals have an unforgettable adventure shared with their new friends! Featuring the voice talents of Angela Bassett & John Goodman, with music by the Plain White T’s, join Curious George on his fun-filled journey that the whole family will enjoy!

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 Growing up I adored Curious George – both the books and the animated films of the 80s.  He is such a lovable character, and loved by multiple generations.  Keira recently discovered Curious George on Netflix and has been watching episodes whenever I allow her Netflix use.  Of course she has Ava hooked on it too as Keira won’t do anything without her little sister. 

When I showed Keira the Curious George 3: Back to the Jungle DVD she was over the moon with joy. 

Back to the Jungle is a really fun family movie featuring the classic character and his never-ending unintentional trouble-making.  While there  isn’t much in the way of dialogue aimed at adults, there is a whole lot of monkeying around that will take you back to your childhood. 

I was a bit disturbed at first by The Man in the Yellow Hat being referred to as “Ted” in the film, but got over it quickly.  You will definitely want to check out the fun sing[-a-long songs in the bonus features for even more fun after viewing the movie.



Sing-Alongs – Sing along to your favourite songs from the film

  • Ordinary Superman
  • Welcome to Paradise
  • Beautiful Wild
  • Together Forever


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Nataile Brown

Saturday 11th of July 2015

My grandson is just learning about Curious George and he loves all the story books. He's not quite old enough to go to the theatre but will for sure be delighted with this when it goes to DVD. Thank-you for the heads up!

Darlene Schuller

Wednesday 1st of July 2015

I love Curious George growing up! My children loved him... I've no doubt he'll become a favourite with the grandbaby!

Elizabeth Matthiesen

Wednesday 1st of July 2015

I'm sure that my grandchildren would love to see this movie, it's just up their street :-)

kathy downey

Wednesday 1st of July 2015

. I’d love to see this and so would the grandkids!


Tuesday 30th of June 2015

I didn't know there were any Curious George movies. I'd love to see this! I think I'll have difficulties with the name "Ted" too since I always thought of him as the man in the yellow hat...