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The Beatrix Girls #FMEGifts14 #Giveaway

The Beatrix Girls

The Beatrix Girls are a pop band of four beautiful 12 inch dolls. That’s right, dolls!  The band members include Ainsley, Brayden, Chantal, and Lark.  Not only are they musicians and dolls but they are also great role models for young girls. 

The dolls represent talented and successful young women– with loyal friends and adoring fans and they really champion the values of female empowerment, friendship, hard work and determination.  Certainly a fantasy that young girls will love and what parent wouldn’t be a fan of a toy that helps their child see the value of not only having big dreams but of reaching for success and believing in yourself.


The Beatrix Girls

We were sent four of the dolls to check out, we received the basic dolls but there are deluxe dolls available as well with different outfits that include the instruments as well. You can purchase instruments separately as well. Read on for a chance to win a Beatrix Girls Prize Pack including one of the deluxe Beatrix Girls Dolls!

The dolls have adorable outfits – I love that they aren’t trashy looking, especially considering they are pop stars.  There are no bare tummies or exposed cleavage.  They also have fabulously long hair.

Of course there is much more to these dolls than looks! 


The Beatrix Girls

The Beatrix Girls are an accomplished pop band with real music and videos that girls are sure to adore. Each member of the band sings, plays a different instrument and even writes the songs.  Check out The Beatrix Girls Website for Music and Videos!  Warning – it’s catchy stuff and totally appropriate for children to listen to unlike most pop music.

Let’s take a closer look at Chantal as an example. Chantal is French Canadian and the keyboard player with The Beatrix Girls.  She is descri9bed as mellow and level headed and lists Marzipan, French Onion Soup, Scented candles and Snails as her most favourite things.

She also wrote the song “Bend the Rules” which is about staying true to yourself and doing your own thing.


The Beatrix Girls

The dolls themselves all feature 10 points of articulation and are able to sit on their own as well as be posed in all kinds of different positions – even the splits!  They also have fantastically big heads and huge gorgeous eyes to match.  In case you are wondering why dolls tend to be made with such “strange” proportions, it is to play into the “cuteness” factor – human infants also have disproportionately huge heads and eyes so our instinct is to want to care for anything portioned this way.  This is an instinct that even 6 year olds have and so I assume dolls are designed this way to appeal to that particular instinct.

They also have the cutest little pointy noses.  I LOVE their noses!


The Beatrix Girls

Each doll is as unique as people can be.  Brayden has purple hair and lavender eyes, Ainsley is blonde with blue eyes, Lark is a ginger with beautiful red hair, green eyes and even freckles!  They each have their own personalities and favourite things just like real girls.

There is so much imaginative fun to be had with these dolls.  If I had a set of Beatrix Girls dolls growing up I would have loved to “record” my own songs with them.   What fun!


The Beatrix Girls

Buy it:

The Beatrix Girls are currently available in Canada at Calendar Club Canada and Americans can pick them up at,, and Toys “R” Us.


The Beatrix Girls

Win it:

One Frugal Mom Eh Reader will win a Beatrix Girls Prize Pack! The Prize Pack includes a Beatrix Girl doll with a stand and instrument, the Beatrix Girl’s debut album, “Meet the Beatrix”, stickers, and poster.  Giveaway is open to residents of Canada and the USA.  Giveaway ends on December 14th at 11:50 pm EST.  See Giveaway Tools form for entry and T&C.




Hollie Jahnke

Sunday 14th of December 2014

I like Brayden.

liz l

Sunday 14th of December 2014

Brayden is my fav

Crystal Rose

Sunday 14th of December 2014

I like Lark.

Katherine Newton

Sunday 14th of December 2014

I think I like Brayden the best. Purple hair rocks! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

Jennpup (@jennpup)

Sunday 14th of December 2014

Brayden! I want her hair colour for me :-)