7 Reasons Your Child Needs an Annual Eye Exam

Last Updated on October 12, 2016

 7 Reasons Your Child Needs an Annual Eye Exam


I got my first pair of glasses when I was in grade 3.  Once I put them on, my life changed, as I was able to see the world around me with a clarity I hadn’t realised I was missing out on.

When my 4-year-old, Keira, was born 11 weeks prematurely, the doctors worried about her eye health (among a multitude of other potential health issues.) As a result, Keira has been seeing a doctor of optometry (optometrist) regularly since she was born. By the time she turned two, she was prescribed glasses to correct her vision. We have continued to make annual trips to the optometrist, so when she started junior kindergarten this year, I was confident that she was ready to learn, unhindered by vision problems.

October is Children’s Vision Month and what better time to start taking your child’s vision more seriously. In fact, I just set up an eye exam for my 2-year-old, Ava as I want to ensure she is seeing the world as it is meant to be seen.





Does Your Child Need an Annual Eye Exam?

The answer is yes! This is why:

Children are Visual Learners. In fact, 80% of learning is obtained through vision.

Healthy visual skills enable your children to get the most out of play, learning and socialising.

Children don’t know what “normal” vision is, and won’t know there is a problem if they don’t have a comprehensive eye exam.

1 in 4 school-age children has a vision problem with no easy-to-detect symptoms.

Your child’s eye exam is likely covered in some form by your province.

Eye exams are a part of keeping your child healthy. Even if your child doesn’t have any vision problems, an annual eye exam can help detect eye problems in their early stages.

An annual eye exam from a doctor of optometry is the very best way to ensure your child’s vision is problem-free and developing normally.



When Should You Start?

Children should have their first exam by 6 months of age, once between the ages of 2 and 5 and then annually once they start school. Of course, it’s never too late to start if you weren’t aware of this recommended schedule.

Simply book an eye exam with a doctor of optometry and help your child reach their full potential!


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Disclosure: This post has been generously sponsored by the Canadian doctors of optometry, the opinions and language are my own.



19 thoughts on “7 Reasons Your Child Needs an Annual Eye Exam

  1. It is so important to get your family’s eyes checked regularly. Kids are always growing and their eyes can change without them even noticing.

  2. My Daughter started having trouble in school and we had no idea it was her vision. She went from not needing glasses to needing them in 6 months. It is so important to get your eyes checked.

  3. The thought to take my son to an eye doctor has never really crossed my mind. Thanks for the great insight, I’m going to schedule an appointment!

  4. My 7 year old wears glasses now. She has a lazy eye so we need her to wear her’s to help straighten it out.

  5. I think getting yearly exams are so important. You never know when your eyes could change. I ended up needing glasses a few years ago after I hadn’t gone in years..who knows how long ago I should have had glasses.

  6. Often our kids need so much of care! I would suggest taking kids to your physician after every six months. I wear glasses and would never want my kids to do so. Anyways nice share and keep up the good work!

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