Creative Toys and Gift Ideas from Crayola #FMEGifts14

Crayola-510816-Colored-ChalkIf you grew up in North America at some point in the last century it’s pretty much guaranteed that when you think Crayon, you think Crayola.  Of course Crayola also produces a broad range of products other than their famous crayons!  Crayola has actually inspired creativity in children for over 100 years – since the first box of Crayola crayons rolled off the assembly line all the way back in 1903.  That is a whole lot of history and the fact that they are still striving to help  parents and educators raise creatively alive children in innovative (as well as in tried and true) ways is a testament to who Crayola is as a brand. 

Crayola has a large assortment of creative toys and gift ideas that are focused on inspiring children and unleashing their creativity.  Top picks this season include the easy-to-use Crayola Beadola Charm Maker (Ages 8+ ), Crayola Sketch Wizard (Ages 8+ ), The Widescreen Light Designer (Ages 6+ ), and the Crayola Paint Maker & Refills (Ages 8+ )

04-1539-0-000-P1The easy-to-use Crayola Beadola Charm Maker uses Air-Dry Clay to make detailed beads that are as fun to make as they are to wear. Add your own colours, embellishments and finishing touches, then wear or share your bracelets and relive your cherished memories!  Crayola Beadola beads are fun to wear and even more fun to make.

Add fun colours and glimmering finishes to your beads with the included four paint pots–gloss glaze, crystal glitter, silver metallic glaze, and glamour dust. The kit also includes 25 gems to add sparkling finishing touches.

Ideal for a rainy day or weekend activity, Crayola Beadola helps kids express their personal styles. The kit offers 4 pattern plates for creating 24 unique bead designs and 2 bracelet chains. Wear one and share one with a friend.


04-8260-0-000-P1Draw almost any flat image or dimensional figure!  Kids want to draw what they see, but often their natural ability isn’t developed enough to produce the outcomes they envision.  Crayola Sketch Wizard empowers 8- to 12-year-olds to draw exactly what they see by projecting a ghosted image on paper, making it easy to recreate. Draw from pictures and photographs or from your favourite action figures or dolls. You can even draw a friend or objects across the room!

The Sketch Wizard accurately reflects 2-D, 3-D, and even images from mobile devices so that they appear on the paper, making them easily traceable. Its fold-up design is convenient to take anywhere.With a graphite pencil, six short coloured pencils, starter sheets, and blank sheets, this set gives creative kids all the tools they need to start sketching and colouring realistic images.



Let your budding artist bring his or her creations to life with the Crayola Light Designer Kit. With its large screen, your child can draw and create animation that everyone will admire. The kit comes with six markers and a built-in easel, allowing artists to draw while the screen is lying flat or standing up. They can then choose from seven different light-effect combinations that create the animations. After finishing one drawing, the screen can be simply wiped clean and used again.

The Widescreen Light Designer also includes a panel kickstand on the back so you can display the designs in either portrait or landscape.  You can even mount it to the wall to really show off your little ones creations!

I love to stay organized so the integrated marker storage is a huge plus!  There are 6 storage slots on the back of the screen which the markers easily snap into ready for the next drawing session.




With the Crayola Paint Maker, kids can develop and name their own custom paint colours, putting them in control of their artistic endeavours. A colour mixing guide provides guidance on mixing. Whether you experiment or keep things simple, this kit guides you through every step of the process! The kit includes 15 paint pots and labels.

With your choice of 75 Colour strips in three colours (red, blue, and yellow), the colour mixing possibilities are nearly endless. Each colour is imprinted onto a paint strip to help reduce mess. The kit also includes 10 sheets of paper and a brush for kids to try out their new colour creations.  Additional paint pots, labels, and paper are available in the Crayola Paint Maker Refill Pack.


Win it:

One Canadian Frugal Mom Eh reader will win a Crayola Prize Pack valued at $55.98!  The Prize Pack includes: A Beadola Charm Maker & The Sketch Wizard.  Giveaway ends on December 7th at 11:59 pm EST.  See Giveaway Tools form for entry and T&C.





147 thoughts on “Creative Toys and Gift Ideas from Crayola #FMEGifts14

  1. Some great items! Love Crayola products, the Crayola Beadola Charm Maker might be a good idea for my one niece who loves to do crafts!

  2. Every time I see Crayola I get excited. Arts and crafts bring back so many wonderful memories for me. Of course, back then we didn’t have a lot of the goodies kids have now. It was pretty basic then, but we used our imagination and had endless possibilities.

  3. I love Crayola and all of the unique and creative products they make! I’ll have to check out their selection again and see what would make a great gift for my grandson this year!

  4. I had no idea that Crayola made so many things. I guess that because my kids are now adults I don’t notice these things as much as before.

  5. I was happily surprised by the variety of crayola goods — I thought of them purely as crayons (dating myself here)! I think my oldest grandson would love the digital light designer, but my wee guy would like the sketch wizard. I am charmed by the Mess-Free artbrush — love the word Mess-Free!

  6. There are so many Crayola products that I love. All my nephews and nieces (well except the 2 baby nieces) are getting Crayola stuff from us this year for Christmas. I love the Sketcher Projector and want to get it for my daughters.

  7. I love all of Crayola’s products that I have bought for my 2 girls and my most favorite would have to be the color wonder as my youngest loved to color on the walls and floors every time I turned around for a second. She’s my red headed little devil lol if I don’t keep her busy at all times she is getting into trouble he he would love to win some new activities to keep my girls occupied, thanks for the great giveaway!!! Good luck to all 🙂

  8. I love Crayola products, good quality, lots of creativity for kids and no headache of any mess. I want to win the Crayola Prize Pack for my kids!

  9. I love crayola products! My daughter and her friends love to do crafts at my home, and I love that they are creating various items instead of using electronic devices!! It is so nice to watch them create works of arts with their hands!

  10. I couldn’t find those beadolas anywhere, so I bought my nieces something else. Then I finally seen them today but I’m all out of Christmas money till the 20th. I hope they still have them then.

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