DIY Vanilla Body Scrub

This Vanilla body scrub smells heavenly and is a wonderful way to exfoliate and relax a little while pampering yourself with an easy diy recipe.

Who doesn’t love to pamper themselves once in a while?  There is nothing I love more than to draw myself a hot bath and sit and relax with a book in the tub after I’ve gotten the babies down for the night.  I love to take this experience a little further with a natural body scrub made with everyday ingredients found in my kitchen cupboard.  You can’t get much more simple than this!

This Vanilla body scrub smells heavenly and is a wonderful way to exfoliate and relax a little while pampering yourself.

DIY Vanilla Body Scrub


1 C. Coconut Oil

½ C. brown sugar

3 Tbs. Vanilla extract

4-5 4-Ounce Jelly Jars



In a medium size bowl, combine the coconut oil, brown sugar, vanilla and mix well.

Add the scrub to your 4 oz. Jelly jars.

 DIY Vanilla Body Scrub


Makes 4-5 4 oz. Jelly jars. The recipe can also be made smaller or larger depending on how much you would like to make.

Stored in an airtight container, the scrub will last for about 6 months. If there is any separation simply stir the mixture.


Created for Frugal Mom Eh by Jill S.


26 thoughts on “DIY Vanilla Body Scrub

  1. Vanilla is my teens favourite scent… I’ve emailed her the link since she’s at school, just a few weeks ago she started dabbling in making her own scrubs, etc… she’ll love this thank you.

  2. Things like this are so expensive in South Africa that I’m always looking for DIY! I can’t wait to try this! It seems so simple! Mmm….see a at home spa day in my future! Thanks for linking up to Wake Up Wednesday! Stopping by as a host!

  3. I pinned this body scrub recipe to try it out. I can bet that the scent of the brown sugar and vanilla is lovely!

  4. I just LOVE anything vanilla!! I cant wait to make a bunch of these for family and friends this Christmas. They will make awesome gifts 🙂

  5. I’ve always wanted to make my own Christmas gifts, this may be just the thing I need. What woman wouldn’t love a great body scrub? Thanks for the idea!

  6. I’ve never tried a body scrub before — this seems like it would leave your skin so soft and smooth! And, as a plus — it’s quick and easy to put together. Thanks for sharing!

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