15 tips that will help you save on your Grocery Bill

 15 tips that will help you save on your Grocery Bill

Is your monthly grocery bill nearing the amount of your rent/mortgage payments?  Here are some simple tips to help reduce that bill without having to shop for expiring items on clearout! 

This is easy to do and is essentially free money.  You don’t need to go to the extent of extreme couponing in order to get results.  Just 20-30 minutes a week can save you hundreds a year!
There are now different apps around that let you save even more by uploading your grocery receipts to them!  Snap by Groupon and  Checkout51 (Earn $5 Bonus for Signing up & Uploading your first receipt) are two of my favourite although there are others out there.

Check the Flyers

Buy on sale.  Compare your list to your local flyers and check to see which of your items are on sale and if you have a coupon for that item – bonus!  Also consider price matching if a local store offers this service.  That way you can go to one store but benefit from sales at other stores.


Set a monthly budget goal on groceries.  This way you have a target to work towards.

Make a List

Write down everything you intend to buy and then stick to that plan.  Impulse buys will only increase your bill and most likely with items you just don’t need!

Go Alone

It’s a lot easier to stick to that list and that budget when you don’t have someone else sneaking things into your cart.  I find if I go alone my bill is a LOT lower than if I were to go with my partner as he likes to sneak full priced unnecessary items into my cart.

Don’t go Hungry

Most of you have probably heard this from your mothers.  It’s true though, you won’t be as likely to stray from your list if you go on a full stomach.

Buy Store Brand

If you have no coupon and absolutely need an item that is not on sale then definitely go store brand!  This is especially true for 1 ingredient items such as Rice and Eggs.  This is something I have to argue with my partner over constantly as he doesn’t get that chickens are not aware of the brand they are producing for!

Look for Per-unit-price

Compare the price per volume when shopping for non-perishables.   The giant sized bag of rice may cost more than the smaller bag but what is it really costing you in the end to get the same amount?    This of course leads us to…

Don’t stock up on Perishables

Just because it is on sale does not mean you need to buy as much as possible.  Buy what you can use before it goes bad. 

Buy Meat in Bulk

Stock up on meat when it is on sale.  If you have a freezer you can save a ton of money by buying value pack meat in “family” size and freezing them in cooking portions.  Eliminate the need to ever buy meat at regular price.

Make it yourself

Why purchase frozen or boxed meals such as Mac & cheese?  These are generally terrible for you and end up costing you far more than the yummier homemade version. 

Cut out Junk Food

Save junk food for a rare treat.  Replace these with healthier and cheaper snacks such as air popped popcorn. Your budget and your belt will thank you.

Don’t buy Non-Grocery items at the Grocery store

Unless you have confirmed that an item is at an unbelievably low price… don’t buy it!  Most of these items are priced regularly much higher than they are at other discount stores.  This means that the 2$ off on that scented candle which seems like a great sale may actually only bring the item down to regular price at a non-grocery store!

Watch your Cashier

Watch as things are being rung up.  Make sure all coupons are applied, all sales priced items are rung in at that price, that you aren’t charged twice for any items.  There is no point in checking your receipt when you get home as most people aren’t willing to make the trek over a small amount.

Recycle your Bags

Many stores offer cents off your bill for using reusable bags and/or charge for plastic bags.  If you must use plastic bags save them for kitchen garbage bags rather than just throwing them out.

Tips for more advanced frugal shoppers:

Only buy on sale!  Start a stockpile of non-perishable or long lasting items. (Within reason!)
Plan your menu around sales rather than planning your shopping around your menu.
15 tips that will help you save on your Grocery Bill

29 thoughts on “15 tips that will help you save on your Grocery Bill

  1. Super tips! Thanks. I’ve started combining my iPhone App Checkout51 with coupons to save even more on weekly offers. Check it out. I’m awaiting my 1st cheque since Christmas for $41.50 back.

  2. Thank you so much for these tips!! I try and use coupons for alot of stuff that I buy at the grocery store but could do better with it if I sat down and looked at the grocery ads too. I need to save money!!

  3. I am glad to see that I follow most of these. Just need to really cut down on the junk food! So hard! 🙂

  4. Thanks for the tips! We are a larger family and we are always looking for ways to save money on groceries

  5. Totally agree about the go alone Everytime I go with my kids or husband the bill is double. I have budgeted and the items they want have often not been or are not on sale. WAY cheaper without them. I will buy those items but I wait until they are on sale or I have a coupon or both.

  6. Great suggestions. The best one is the non-grocery store item especially when they are put in bins in aisles. I’ve worked in retail support for a long time and this is where the stores makes their money. They know we can resist and this is the biggest margin items. Also, Walmart is not always cheapest:)

  7. good ideas but some are harder than others. One thing I do to help is when running low on something I check the on-line ads for our stores because It’s usually on there be for we get the ads. Stock up only when on sale.

  8. Yes and yes! I very much agree with the go alone, don’t go hungry and buy the store brand. All things that definitely save you money.

  9. I use coupons, I always look out for the flyers, I don’t go hungry, but I can never go alone… have to tag my little boys along! I buy those in sale and I don’t buy more perishable items! for the meat, I don’t buy them in bulk… thankfully, my grocery bill does not equal to our monthly rent … just yet…

  10. I always manage to hit the stores when I’m hungry lol. But I always leave my guys at home. Bringing them is just asking for trouble. And I’m referring to jr. and his dad…

  11. Thank you so much for these tips for saving on groceries. I know I must do some changes in this areal We try to eat healthy foods and this is expensive. I am going to try to set a budget. Thank you so much.

  12. Still haven’t set a budget! I still hope to do so. It is difficult in the summer with company etc. I am not good at making a list and sticking to it. I will read your blog until it becomes a habit.

  13. I actually have been doing much better the last few months by lessening my food budget. I intend to do even better in 2017. Every time I read these tips, I get motivated. Thank you.

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