Since Keira was born 11 weeks early and only 3 lbs even she spent 2 months in the NICU.  While in the NICU, one of our favourite activities was bath time with her since it was one of the very few things we could do for her.  Every other day we made sure to be there on time for 7:30 pm to ensure we got to do bath-time.  It was heartbreaking to show up and find a nurse had already started or even finished as it was the one of the only normal parts of parenting we could do. 
Her f irst bath was given to her by one of the nurses who showed us how to wash her tiny little body.  At that point we could only give her bed baths but eventually we moved on to bucket baths before finally graduating to baby tubs!  Bath-time always involved the familiar Johnson’s bath time products which were provided by the hospital.  

Once we brought Keira home we were excited and nervous to care for her without the watchful eyes of the NICU staff.  The first bath at home was something we were both looking forward to. 
I had looked into the various baby products out there prior to her discharge as I wanted something mild and as natural as possible but still cost effective and easy to buy.  I didn’t want to worry about how the products I was putting on her might affect her.  I was happy to find JOHNSON’S® NATURAL® baby bath time products with 97-99% naturally-derived ingredients which are paraben-free, dye-free and phthalate-free – they are also tear-free for baby’s eyes..
Now that Keira is a Toddler and we have baby number two on the way we  still use JOHNSON’S® NATURAL® products at bath time.  We regularly use JOHNSONS® NATURAL® baby shampoo, JOHNSONS® NATURAL® baby lotion and JOHNSONS® NATURAL® HEAD-TO-TOE® baby wash.
JOHNSONS® NATURAL® baby bath time products don’t have the same sweet scent of the regular products, and I can’t say they smell great when in use but they do allow baby’s natural scent to shine through.  Bath time is made even easier with a very handy pump-style bottle. 
To find out more visit the JOHNSON’S® Baby page on the Baby Centre website by clicking here, or visit the JOHNSON’S® Baby Facebook page.
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Disclosure:  Product provided as promotional consideration to Frugal Mom Eh by Johnson & Johnson Inc.  All thoughts and opinions are honest and my own.


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    I love the bucket bath! The dimples are pretty cute too! I loved Johnson and Johnson baby wash with my two boys, but DD1 was ultra sensitive and reacted to it. I wish this natural version had been around for me to use then!

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