Santa Claus Cupcakes
  • 12 cupcakes any flavor
  • white frosting
  • red frosting
  • mini red M&M for Santa's nose you can get away with a regular size red M&M if needed
  • mini marshmallows halved
  • candy eyes
  • Smaller Wilton tip – you don't need an exact one as you're only using is for Santa's hat.
  • Disposable frosting bag
  1. Frosting each cupcake with white frosting (see photo). Next, fill your disposable frosting bag with red frosting. Give each cupcake a small hat (see photo). It doesn't have to be perfect
  2. Add 3-4 mini marshmallow halves to the base of Santa's hat and then give Santa 2 eyes and 1 nose (see photo).
  3. Give Santa a beard using the mini marshmallow halves and then top his hat with a marshmallow half.