North Mountain Cupcakes
  • North Mountain Cupcakes
  • 12 Cupcakes ready to ice, any flavour but white or lemon work best.
  • Vanilla Buttercream Icing
  • Piping Bag
  • Wilton Piping Tips I prefer the 2D or the 1M but whatever you prefer
  • Wilton White Sparkling Sugar Sprinkles
  • Wilton Snowflake Sprinkles
  1. Pipe the Cupcakes with the buttercream icing using the piping bag and tip of your choice.
  2. For Beginners: Fir the piping bag with your pastry tip of choice and then fold down about 1/2 of the bag over the lower half to create a kind of "bowl". Hold the bag so that your hand is under the folded down part of the bag.and fill your bag with frosting. Use a spoon or spatula to fill the bag up to the fold packing down he icing a bit as you go. Bring the top half of the bag back up then twist the top tightly to prevent messes when you apply pressure to the bag. To get "perfectly" iced cupcakes start in the middle of the cupcake and move out to the edge and circle around the cupcake and work back to the centre of the cupcake. When you are done stop squeezing and just pull straight up to create a nice tip. I promise it is super easy once you get the hang of it. You might want to practice the technique a bit before doing it for real if you've never iced cupcakes. Experiment with different tips to see what looks you are able to achieve!
  3. Sprinkle Wilton White Sparkling Sugar Sprinkles all over the cupcakes. Go nuts with it. Then carefully place the Wilton Snowflake Sprinkles around the snowy peak of your mountains.
  4. ta da! There you have beautifully snowy North Mountain cupcakes for you and your little Frozen fans to enjoy.