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Paw Patrol Birthday Cake
  • Large Rectangular Cake Board Bulk Barn
  • 2 x 9" round Chocolate Cakes levelled
  • 1 Recipe Chocolate Buttercream
  • Candy rocks or M&Ms. Found at Bulk Barn or Amazon
  • 9 Kit Kat bars 4-Pack
  • Number Candle
  • Rubble's Digg'n Bulldozer Toy or Super Pup Rubble's Crane Found in-store at Mastermind Toys for $17 CAD but also available on Amazon.
  • Paw Patrol Marshall's Ambulance Optional, Found in-store at Mastermind Toys for $17 CAD but also available on Amazon.
  1. Use a dab of buttercream on the cake board and place one of the cakes on top.
  2. Sandwich the two cakes with frosting between them. I like to add a lot of frosting between the layers, but that is up to your preference.
  3. Cover top and sides of the cake, reserving some frosting.
  4. Cut two of the kit kat sections so they are a little smaller than half a bar. Cut one kit kat section in half, and then another two so that they are a little bit taller than half.
  5. Stand the pieces into the buttercream on the sides of the cake, graduating the sizes and then using the full sized sections around the rest of the cake. Be sure to leave a gap for the "ramp".
  6. Build the "ramp" with buttercream.
  7. Arrange the candy rocks round the inside edges of the cake and spilling down the ramp, press the candle into the buttercream.
  8. Place Rubble and his Digg'n Bulldozer Toy onto the top of the cake.
  9. If desired, use buttercream to glue the Marshall's Ambulance onto the board.
  10. Serve & Delight your little Paw Patrol fan!