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With the holiday season quickly approaching, it’s time to start thinking of gift ideas for your kids.  New from Mattel this year, and a hot holiday gift item bound to be on your kids wish list, is The Enchantimals.

The Enchantimals are a group of half-animal girls who share a special bond with their animal best friends – even sharing some of the same unique characteristics.  The Enchantimals believe that “Caring is Our Everything” and friendship makes anything possible. It’s a fantastical world that will inspire children with stories of compassion, empathy, friendship, and the bond between best friends.

The Enchantimal dolls come nicely packaged in blister packs with a sweet illustration of the doll and her pet on the front, along with a description of the doll on the back. The packaging is minimalistic which is nice.

Felicity Fox™ & Flick™: Felicity is quick, clever and completely curious about anything and everything. Felicity and Flick love to go exploring together, especially to places they have never been to before.

Sage Skunk™ & Caper™: Sage has a mind as quick as her feet and she’s an ace problem solver. When Sage and Caper aren’t working on a new song together, they’re usually planning some elaborately clever prank.


Taylee Turtle™ & Bounder™: Taylee doesn’t move nearly as fast as she speaks, especially when she gets excited. Taylee and Bounder can often be seen racing around on Taylee’s bike mostly because Bounder loves to feel the wind in his shell.

Patter Peacock™ & Flap™: Patter is proud of her fashionable feathers, and she loves to encourage her friends to be proud too. Patter may not have the best singing voice, but when she teams up with Flap their songs are always belted out in perfect harmony.

After familiarising the girls with the Enchantimals through some fun youtube videos, they were so excited to be able to play with the Enchantimals dolls and quickly gravitated to a favourite friend. It wasn’t long before they were engaged in imaginative play with the dolls. Keira was drawn to Sage Skunk and Caper while Ava fell in love with Taylee Turtle, Bounder and their bike.  It was wonderful to see them play with the dolls so nicely together, I really felt that they were inspired by the light-hearted and fun spirits of the Enchantimals.

The dolls themselves, while beautifully detailed are also fairly simple and I think work well for younger girls since they do not come with a load of accessories – shoes, headbands and fabric bottoms are removable but the rest of the outfits are molded onto the dolls.  The girls can still have fun with dress up play but there is less worry on my part about missing pieces.

They are also quite a bit smaller than traditional dolls which I think also lends them towards the younger crowd.

The girls love having the animal sidekick for each doll, it really makes their imaginative play so much more fun. They also adore the look of the dolls, they were really pleased that the dolls looked so much like their besties. Each doll is quite detailed and vividly painted and outfitted with some of the dolls even featuring fluffy tails.

I can see the Enchantimals being part of the girls adventures for awhile to come. They are seriously fun dolls that kids are sure to enjoy and totally worthy of sitting under the Christmas tree this year!

Meet the Enchantimals and follow along on the Enchantimals journey on the Enchantimals YouTube Page.

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43 thoughts on “Meet the Enchantimals

  1. I would love to give this to my granddaughter and I think she would love Felicity Fox & Flick they are so colorful and cute!

  2. I think my niece would LOVE these !!! She loves animals and has a great imagination so I know she would have hours of fun with these dolls . I think she would probably like Sage the most .

  3. If I win I’d give this to one of my nieces. I think they’d all love Taylee Turtle, just because she and her sidekick are super cute.

  4. If I was the lucky winner this prize would be for one of my granddaughters. I think any one of them would love Patter Peacock and one of them would get a big laugh out of Sage Skunk & Caper since they have a skunk wandering around the area where they live – I even got to see him. It was pitch black and I was out on the front steps and he walked right in front of me. On turning a page in my book he raised his tail but thankfully just scuttled off when he realised that I meant him no harm.

  5. I would give these Enchantimals to my granddaughter. I think she would like Patter Peacock™ & Flap™ the most.

  6. I would love to gift this to my daughter for Christmas, she would love it! I think she would love Patter Peacock and Flap the best, she would love the colours!

  7. I would gift these dolls to my granddaughter and the Enchantimals doll i think she will like the most is Patter Peacock and Flap.

  8. oh my gosh my daughters LOVE Enchantimals. I didn’t even know my oldest knew what they were. She never talked about them until she got one and said what it was right away. I think they would love the Felicity Fox & Flick

  9. I would give them to our best friends’ daughter – I think she’d like Felicity Fox™ & Flick™ best – she’s written a story staring herself, her brother and our son and “Flick” is one of their names!

  10. I would gift this to my daughter and I am sure she would like patter peacock because she has a peacock feather that she loves!

  11. I would gift this prize to our local organization that makes Christmas Hampers for deserving people and I this would be a fantastic addition to that hamper for a child. I am sure they would love them all… 😀

  12. I would choose “Patter Peacock ” and “Flap.” I would gift it to our six-year old great granddaughter, who loves to wear pretty dresses and be a princess. She would love this duo.

  13. I would gift this to my daughters; one would like Patter Peacock & Flap the most, and the other would like Danessa Deer and Sprint the most.

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