It’s Time to #stopCOMPAREnting

Quaker Canada has invited me to help celebrate the real side of parenting, the one we don’t often get to see in our social media feeds, this year as they launch their #stopCOMPAREnting campaign.

“COMPAREnting” is when you compare your parenting style to other parents. This habit has been heightened with recent social media trends. It’s so easy to compare your life to those of your friends, family and others you may follow online, even knowing the images you see are often a filtered reality that does not reflect the full story. It’s something we, as Canadian parents, all do. I’ve done it. I’ve reassured friends in the past who’ve done it.

It’s an easy trap to fall into and it can leave parents feeling totally insecure about their own parenting decisions and habits.

Instead, The Quaker brand wants to help Canadian parents celebrate their confidence by showcasing the authentic, unpolished and beautiful side of parenting. lnstead of COMPAREnting, I think it is time we all embrace the real side of parenting as a community. We’re in it together, after all.

I know, it’s going to be hard at first. We all want to keep up appearances and follow the latest trends and information on how to be the best parent ever. Here is the secret though. The less you compare yourself to someone else’s false reality, the more you can celebrate your own reality. The more confident you will be.

As a blogger, I am often focused on getting that “perfect” shot and curating what looks to be a magazine worthy lifestyle. Creating my own reality where my food always looks restaurant quality, my kids are always posing perfectly with a painted on smile, my house always neat and tidy. Sometimes that drive for perfection unconsciously sneaks into my personal feeds when I share with family and friends.


It’s Seriously Time to #stopCOMPAREnting


I think it’s time I be more aware of the more authentic, unpolished everyday moments that make up my day and share those instead.




Instead of sharing the perfectly posed pictures of the girls, I will start to share my favourite pictures more often. The ones with the goofy smiles, the blur because all they wanted to do was dance and jump around. The ones that will never be framed and hung on a wall.

The ones that show my family the way we really are, that really tell our story. That show how goofy, funny and silly my kids are. That show they don’t always want to just stand and smile for the camera. That show reality in our home.




I’d love to see more Canadian parents stop creating a myth of perfect and stop COMPAREnting themselves to what they see on social media. To start feeling confident in knowing that they really do know what’s best for their own families. That their families are perfect just the way they are.

Quaker has been supporting families since 1902, and the message they want to share with this campaign is that for families to be at their best, we must be confident in the choices we make.  Through the #stopCOMPAREnting campaign, Quaker aims to empower Canadian parents to support one another and be confident in the choices they make for their family.




Want to spread the word? Embrace the real side of parenting and share your own unfiltered family moments using #stopCOMPAREnting on social media now!


Disclosure: This post has been brought to you by Quaker Canada. All thoughts and opinions are honest and my own.



23 thoughts on “It’s Time to #stopCOMPAREnting

  1. Great pictures of the girls, I think this is a great movement, the “Unfiltered” parts of our lives should be shared and we need to stop comparing ourselves to others.

  2. I absolutely love this new movement! Shortly after having my first, I came to the realization that I am not perfect…myself not perfect…not perfect as a parent and that this word “perfect” was fantasy and hey I was cool with it. From there on I stopped concentrating on being “perfect” and just being the best mommy and person I could be!

  3. Comparenting is absolutely the worst things that parents do. We’re all different. We all do things differently. That doesn’t make us wrong or less of a parent. It’s just the way it is.

  4. I think this is an excellent idea! Everybody parents differently and it doesn’t mean that they are any worse or any better than somebody else. What works for your family is what works. I love this post.

  5. I love the idea behind this. When you look at the pictures and posts on social media, you are usually only seeing everyone else’s “best” and then comparing it to your “worst.” This is a wonderful way to celebrate parenting in all of it’s forms.

  6. I love this is a perfect idea,we all do it..put the best out their for the World to see hide the not so perfect in the background

  7. So true! Every parent is different just like every child is. Do what works for you and your kids and go with that flow.

  8. Your girls are so adorable. I learned a long time ago to stop comparing myself to other parents. Every family is different and what works for one will not be the same for others.

  9. Love this! I find that people find that I’m more relatable when I let them see into the imperfect parts of my life. Great way to stop the parenting comparison!

  10. I’ve never heard of “comparenting”, but YES to all of this! I am constantly feeling like I’m judged because I work and have babysitters for my children. We should all support one another!

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