The Boy Who Spoke To The Earth by Chris Burkard

The Boy Who Spoke To The Earth by Chris Burkard

The Boy Who Spoke to the Earth is a tale about a young boy who asks the Earth where he can find happiness. The Earth responds and sends the boy on a journey to some of the landscapes that make the Earth most proud. In the end, the boy learns that happiness is harder to find than he expected.

This children’s book is written by surf and adventure photographer Chris Burkard, and illustrated by Disney Interactive artist David McClellan.


Parents often find themselves constantly on the go, and never more so than during the Holiday season. The Boy who Spoke to the Earth is a wonderful reminder to “stop and smell the roses” and find the beauty all around us. That is something I want for my kids.  The ability to wholly experience and enjoy life rather than rushing through it and to never lose their child-like wonder and curiosity.

The story itself is wonderful but the visuals are incredible – they are digitally drawn by Disney Interactive artist David McClellan and inspired by Burckard’s own stunning photography.  It is such an inspiring read for all ages, I enjoyed reading it as much as my girls did. You may even want to pick up a copy to keep on the coffee table.

Put “The Boy Who Spoke To The Earth” on your Holiday list this season and let its message of exploration, inspiration and happiness be passed down through the imagination of our children.
“The Boy Who Spoke To The Earth” – by Chris Burkard & David McClellan is available from Dreamling Books and you can snag a signed edition from



About Chris Burkard

Chris Burkard is a self-taught photographer and artist, based in Central Coast California, whose work is layered by surf, outdoor, lifestyle and travel subjects. Burkard’s images are punctuated by energized landscapes and moments of bliss, by adventure seeking and the lifestyle that ensues, by movement and intuitive light-working capabilities. Searching for wild, remote destinations and offbeat landscapes, Burkard portrays the humble placement of the human in contrast to nature. For more on Chris Burkard visit



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  1. I love the graphics and this sounds like a marvellous children’s book. As an avid reader myself I hope that my grandchildren will follow in my footsteps given such interesting books as this one 🙂

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