Sheriff Callie’s Wild West: Howdy Partner DVD

 Sheriff Callie's Wild West: Howdy Partner DVD

Sheriff Callie’s Wild West: Howdy Partner DVD includes 5 Episodes of the Hit Disney Junior Series Starring Mandy Moore as the voice of Callie, a Calico Cat Sheriff Who Reinforces Good Morals, Manners and Social Ethics, Plus FREE, Exclusive Pop-Up Play Set Packed Inside!

Welcome to “Nice and Friendly Corners,” where lovable Calico cat Sheriff Callie (voiced by Mandy Moore), along with her deputy woodpecker Peck and their fun-loving cactus sidekick Toby, watch over their pleasant little frontier town, ensuring that everyone follows the “Cowpoke Code” of fairness, honesty, hospitality, cooperation and hard work. Utilizing the folklore of the Old West to impart lessons about good morals, manners and social ethics for kids age 2-7, “Sheriff Callie’s Wild West” is the perfect mix of good ol’ friendship and laughter for your little one.


  • Sparky’s Lucky Day/Peck’s Bent Beak
  • Toby the Cowsitter/Callie’s Blue Jay Blues
  • The Pie Thief/Fool for Gold
  • Moustache Toby/Doc’s Cheatin’ Chili
  • Train Bandits/A Dirty Dusty Apology


 Sheriff Callie's Wild West: Howdy Partner DVD

Keira loves getting new DVDs, especially now that her favourite shows only play on the new Disney channel in the morning during weekdays.  (What’s with that?) We are all happy to be able to add Sheriff Callie to her collection of DVDs because both girls love Sheriff Callie and I love that they are having the morals, manners and social ethics they’ve been taught reinforced.

The main plot of the series is that Sheriff Callie works hard to keep her town of Nice and Friendly Corners, nice and friendly.  Every episode has a simple message for children to learn such as not judging others by the way they look, that lying can cause huge problems, the importance of self confidence, and more.

This is a nice collection of episodes worthy of any little ones collection. Also Sheriff Callie is a CAT.  What isn’t to love?



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  1. Going to check Amazon for this i seen it on my granddaughter wish list this morning….she has added her wishlist to my fridge lol

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