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Keira and Ava both love Sesame Street and their favourite part of the show is the Elmo the Musical segment.  As soon as it starts up you can find Keira under a pile of blankets on the couch totally focused on the TV. Ava is usually busy dancing around to any bit of music or song she hears, wildly throwing her little arms around.  They do love Elmo and I love his segment the most too as it really promotes fun and imagination. I have to admit that I usually stop what I am doing and watch Elmo the Musical right along with them.  

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Now toddlers and preschoolers can play right along with Elmo with the new Play All Day Elmo. Play All Day Elmo is a squeezable, cuddly and interactive Elmo toy with over 150 responses and 8 games and activities to engage kids during play.

Play All Day Elmo adapts to your growing child through two different modes of play, Toddler mode and Preschool mode.  Toddler mode features play that teaches cause-and-effect like tickling Elmo or squeezing his nose to get a response. 

Preschool mode takes play to the next level with more games and activities.  Your preschooler can play Pat-a-Cake, Wiggle and Giggle through a freeze dance, Stop and Go through a game of “Red Light Green Light,” a fun game of Elmo Says and more!

We all know little kids love to take their favourite toys to bed with them so what could be better than a super cuddly Elmo who can play a lullaby to help put them to sleep?  Just move Elmo’s switch from play to nap.  With a squeeze of his nose he can play soothing lullabies and with a second squeeze he will play instrumental lullabies.  What could be more perfect after a long day of play?

Visit the Hasbro website to learn more about Play All Day Elmo!

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Disclosure: Although this post has been generously sponsored Hasbro Canada, the opinions and language are my own.


20 thoughts on “Play All Day with Play All Day Elmo

  1. Elmo was always top on the list when my son was little. We had Elmo everything. He would have totally loved this. My SIL has a kiddo about ready for this now so this could be a great christmas gift.

  2. My little guys are big Elmo enthusiasts. They may not play “all day” with this but certainly for a good couple of hours!

  3. My son had the Tickle Me Elmo when he was little. Now, it’s the twins’ turn to get an Elmo plush toy for Christmas.

  4. This is really cool! I have not done much with Hasbro in a while, miss working with them. My kids have outgrown Elmo but my friends would love to check this out!

  5. When my kids were babies they were petrified of the Elmo that laughed and shaked. I twas so hilarious because he was so cute!

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