Get Back-To-School Ready with the Brother P-Touch D600 Electronic Label Maker


Back to school is literally upon us and most parents are busy getting their kids ready to start a new school year.  I know this because my Facebook feed has been filled with everything from back to school crafts to moms talking about having to label a ridiculous amount of items including individual pencils for each of their kids.

It’s true, back to school can be enough to drive just about anyone crazy between all the shopping and the labelling.  Talk about busy! 

Get Back-To-School Ready with the Brother P-Touch D600 Electronic Label Maker

This year get back to school ready with the Brother P-Touch D600 Electronic Label Maker!

The Brother P-Touch D600 Electronic Label Maker is a PC-connectable label maker with a full colour display that offers versatility and speed.  With a machine like this at your disposable you will have those 200 pencils labelled in no time at all.

The tapes load easily thanks to the top loading design.  There is no fooling around with setup, you just pop it in and go. 

It features a full and large QWERTY keyboard so you can create labels easily right on the machine itself.  The backlit colour display allows you to see the text and layout before printing so you can get an accurate look at the label you are creating.  It is even able to detect the colour of the installed tape.

My favourite feature though is being able to connect the Brother P-Touch D600 Electronic Label Maker directly to my laptop so that I can use the P-touch Editor Software to design my labels.  The software is fee but does need to be downloaded from the website as it is not automatically installed when you plugin the P-touch via USB.
The P-touch Editor Label Design software really enables you to create even more impressive labels thanks to a library of label templates as well as the ability to use the fonts, symbols and graphics found on your own computer.  
While you may not need the ability to label items with bar-codes or logos for school, this may be a useful option for parents when it comes to work.  The P-touch D600 handles this really well thanks to crisp, high print resolution.
Get Back-To-School Ready with the Brother P-Touch D600 Electronic Label Maker
You also aren’t limited to a single line of text on a label, you can actually print up to 7 lines of text on a label.  This is especially handy for creating return address labels. 
Once you have designed your label you can save the design right on the PT-D600 as it is able to save up to 99 most-commonly used labels so that you are able to reprint them with the press of a few buttons.
The PT-D600 works with Brother’s long lasting laminated TZe series tapes.  The tapes are durable, fade-resistant, water-resistant, heat-resistant, cold-resistant and come in a wide variety of colors and sizes.  There are also specialty tapes for various applications including fabric iron-on tape which is perfect for creating your own labels for your kid’s clothing.
What really makes the PT-D600 a great option for the back to school preparation though is that it offers incredible print speeds and an automatic tape cutter which makes high-volume jobs a walk in the park.  The tapes also peel quite easily whish is something I always have issues with when using other label makers.
Since it is powered by both AA batteries and AC power you have the option to make labels at your desk or on the go.
Get Back-To-School Ready with the Brother P-Touch D600 Electronic Label Maker
Using P-touch labels to help you stay organized during this hectic time of year only makes sense.  Use it to label school supplies and clothing as well as labels for shelving to keep your supply closet organized.  Don’t forget to create labels to identify reusable lunch bag items too!
The laminated TZe tapes are great quality and while they do cost more than the unlaminated options they do stand up to all the abuse your kids will be throwing at them through the school year.  Because the tape is laminated there is about an inch of tape wasted at the start of each print.  To avoid this or cut down on it you will want to print off a chain of labels at a time.

Overall I am impressed with the value the Brother P-Touch D600 Electronic Label Maker offers and definitely recommend making the initial investment so you can avoid having to purchase pre-made labels each year.

The Brother P-Touch D600 Electronic Label Maker retails for $129.99 CAD and can be purchased directly through Brother’s website or in-store at retailers nationwide like Staples and Office Depot.


Disclosure:  I received the above mentioned product in order to facilitate this review.  All thoughts and opinions are honest and my own.

31 thoughts on “Get Back-To-School Ready with the Brother P-Touch D600 Electronic Label Maker

  1. Having a label maker is a life changer and perfect to label all the new back to school items! Its great that the kids can identify their own things in a sea of other kids with similar items!

  2. WE could use this kind of organization in our house. As I speak now, there is paper all over and kids running around as super heros in sheets I just put away yesterday! WE need organization!

  3. These Brother label makers have been around a long time. I used to own one in the mid-late 1990’s, although it was not quite as compact as this model.
    You know for manufacturer to keep on for lengths of time, they must know what they are doing in their chosen area.
    Plus, staying organized is so important for back-to-school parents, as well as children.

  4. Oh these are great ideas. I was going through my spice rack and was wishing I had one of these. It would have come in very handy 🙂

  5. A label maker could come in handy all year long, not just for back to school! It would be a great way to organize and label bins!

  6. I need to get myself a new Label Maker. They are so handy to have. I like to label all of the kids stuff for school.

  7. I’ve fancied a Label Maker for quite some time now but never saw the right one. Now this looks just like what I need, I love the labels you made for Keira 🙂

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