47 Kids Crafts & Activities with Autumn Leaves

 47 Kids Crafts & Activities with Autumn Leaves

Autumn is approaching and there is nothing prettier than the sight of all that foliage turning pretty colours ranging from yellow through to dark red.  This presents a wonderful opportunity for learning and fun during and after a nature walk.

Celebrate autumn with these great kids crafts & activities with autumn leaves.


  1. Salt Dough Leaf Bowls
  2. Autumn Scavenger Hunt (with free printable)
  3. Easy Autumn Tree Craft
  4. Fall Nature Sensory Bin
  5. Sensory Autumn Art
  6. Leaf Colour Match Up
  7. Leafy Fall Wreath
  8. Fall Leaf Finger Puppets
  9. Halloween Tree with Leaf Ghosts
  10. Autumn Leaf Fairies
  11. Watercolour Leaves
  12. Fall Tree Art with Leaves
  13. Find the Tree Game
  14. Leaf Rubbings
  15. DIY Stamped Leaf Shirts
  16. Swimming in Leaves
  17. Melted Crayon Leaf Suncatchers
  18. 3 Ways to Preserve Fall Leaves
  19. Leaf-Decorated Autumn Poem
  20. Printable Autumn Leaf Puppets
  21. Leaf Painting for Preschoolers
  22. Autumn Leaf Threading
  23. Fall Wall Hanger
  24. Fall Wreath for Kids
  25. Preschool Math: Graphing Fall Leaves
  26. Fall Activity Discovery Table
  27. Fall Leaf Abstract Art
  28. Painted Leaf Monsters
  29. Sponge Painted Leaves
  30. Fall Salt Dough Ornaments
  31. Hedgehogs Leaf and Paper Collage
  32. Fall Leaves Soup {Water Sensory Play}
  33. Fall Leaves Using Black Glue
  34. Backyard Leaf Maze
  35. Fall Leaf Watercolor Resist Art
  36. Easy Fall Painted Leaves
  37. Sparkly Fall Leaves
  38. Fall Leaf Craft Owl
  39. DIY Leaf Mask
  40. Coffee Filter Leaf Sun Catchers
  41. Fall Leaves Matching Game
  42. Fall Leaves Baby Game
  43. Fall Leaf Lanterns
  44. Shaving Cream Marbling Autumn Leaves
  45. Free Leaves Activities Pack
  46.  Thanksgiving Gratitude Tree

11 thoughts on “47 Kids Crafts & Activities with Autumn Leaves

  1. These are all super cute. I love doing crafts with my nephews! They’re especially looking forward to doing some Thanksgivng & Halloween decorations this year. LOVE the Thanksgiving gratitude tree!!

  2. Thank you for sharing all these ideas. My kids and I have already started to collect leaves and pressing them between books right now.

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