Toonies for Tummies & The Impact on Childhood Hunger

When we think of childhood hunger, I think most of us tend to think of children in developing countries. Yet Children right here in Canada go hungry all the time too! Every day children go to bed hungry, wake up hungry and even wonder where their next meal will come from.

The Grocery Foundation and Toonies for Tummies are dedicated to making sure no child goes hungry. By utilizing programs already in place in our schools, and donations from the local community it is their goal to see that every child is given enough food to not only survive but thrive.

Community partnership and donations are a key part of this process.


Check out my full post on The Grocery Foundation website for more info about how Toonies for Tummies and Community programs are making a positive impact thanks to people just like you!




3 thoughts on “Toonies for Tummies & The Impact on Childhood Hunger

  1. We always hear about children in developing countries and we need to stop to think about our own children first. I couldn’t imagine my child going hungry for even one day! This is such a great organization! I’m going to track my toonie!

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